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I got a question. I have AHAglow with me.  I hardly use it once in a week or two weeks.

Whenever i am using AHAglow next day i see one or two whiteheads. Not sure either Ahaglow does not suit me or glycolic acid face wash doesn’t suit me.

Should i go for another glycolic acid face wash or should i stop using Glycolic acid face wash ?

Your thoughts on this please ?

By the way when we have/use regular face wash like Kaya soothing gel/sebamed/Cetaphil Cleanser ,etc then do we really need glycolic acid face wash. I know glycolic acid face wash is for exfoliation but just wandering  *-)

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if u r using brightning or lighning gel then glycolic acid help u with fastening the result it will speed up process.did u used glycolic acid first time if yes this will happen and now we r seeing dry skin no oil so irritation with aha glow is happpening ..if u used in glycolic acid face wash and cream in past and this did not happen then u r not allergical to it ..i am using glomed which is very good and they have other ingredients in it which dont irritate ur skin..but u have to go with less freq first ..when u use aha glow u see dryness then use a good moisturiser this will help to calm the irritation and use also cetaphil cleansing lotion which also help.


Hey ashu!

I generally got only heat bumps. but after I started using AHAglow I did noticed that my pimples are getting whiteheads. But one more thing I have noticed that AHAglow does gives whitehead, but it also keeps the size of pimple as it is. It doesn’t let the bump grow. So it is a great trade off between size and whitehead, what say?

and yes as jassi said, I am using it for lightning marks, and speeding the overall process.



i think first completed ur tube of aha glow then start glomed .after time ur skin will be good to tolerating glomed.


Hi @jassi0302,

Thanks for your response. I never used  glycolic acid face wash before using ahaglow.

I will do one thing, I will apply aloe vera gel once i used ahaglow. Also i will try to get my hands on Glomed.




Hi @akshaykshardul,

Today i washed my face with Ahaglow in morning and after that immediately applied aloe vera gel. Feeling good. Will see how it goes for the next 1-2 days.

By the way, i am going to order “Glomed” on Ethicare website.  Once i get Glomed then i will stop using AHAglow.


Sure Jassi. Thanks for your advice buddy.

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