Going for a second peel on 14th…a few doubts!


Okay, so in my previous query, i revealed how outta ignorance i ate a tablet and applied cream on my spots the very night of my first chemical peel(i.e day before yest). Thankfully, I havent noticed anything bad on my skin yet. The concentration of my first peel was 50%. I’ll be going for my second(and the last) session by the 14th of this month to get a peel of 70% concentration.

My doubts were:

1) When will I see the result of these two peels?

2)Will my day before yest’s mistake nullify the effect of the first peel?

3) How do I maintain my skin after the peels?

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Types of Chemical Peels & Tips for Before & After a Peel


Hi Manju..

1)Please note there is no way to put a time stamp on their procedures..Everybody’s skin reacts differently ..

Normally results will be visible in about few weeks..

Also it is just 2 peels,don’t expect drastic improvement..To see significant change you need atleast 6-8 sittings..


2)Your previous mistakes will not completely nullify the effect..Ask your doctor for proper instructions to be followed properly..Do not experiment unnecessarily..Give it time..

3)Even after peel,a proper regimen has to followed..Read the link provided by Jassi properly,all your questions are already answered in the post..Look into CPP regimen for lightening of scars..



Thank you, guys B)

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