Green gram powder for cleansing okay?


Hi AM,

Can green gram powder ( when I say powder I mean a really really fine powder ) be used for cleansing the skin once a day after thoroughly removing makeup and sunscreen with jhonsons baby oil?

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Hi Lavanya,

Green gram powder is something I used for my daughter till she was almost 8 months old as my Mom insisted on using only natural stuff for her. She used the whole green gram, washed it & dried it & gave it to local mill & got it powdered finely & further sieved it to remove lumps.  I was so amused to read your question as it brought back fond memories to me. But I never used it for my son as my mom wasn’t visiting me that time:)

It is supposed to be an excellent natural exfoliant & cleans the skin very gently & is safe to use on the most sensitive skins. But honestly, if you are acne prone, I really wouldn’t use it as anything which has even the finely milled particles in it can irritate acne prone skin. maybe you can make a paste with water & use it as a pack once a week, this way you don’t abrade your skin by rubbing it all over.


Hi Lavanya..Green Gram powder may not be the best option..It does not cleanse properly..Specially after double cleansing with baby oil,it is advisable to follow up with a proper cleanser..
Kaya soothing gel cleanser is one such option..Few other options listed in Budget regimen like fabindia tea tree face wash,himalaya neem facewash etc..
You can also always opt for make up removers like Bioderma sensibio h20,color bar make up remover for oily skin..
It is safer and effective in terms of acne prone skin..

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