Has anyone tried clinique 3 step regimen? An alternate to it?


I have been using this clinique 3 step regimen for skin type 3 (combination to oily skin, with T area oily and comfortable cheeks). Its works fine for me. I have got oily and acne prone skin and this 3 step product hasn’t induced any reaction. But it’s quite expensive (the introductory 3 step kit costs 1850 INR which lasts about one and half months.)  I So I want to shift to an alternate regimen which is at par with it.  How about I use Sebamed Cleansing Foam followed by Sebamed Deep Cleansing Facial Toner  and Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel (I really love this moisturizer) Any suggestions?

Another question I have, is it really necessary to use a toner?

Thank you!

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Yes to Sebamed , without any second thought! But since it’s summer, Sebamed (my HG for 5 months) isn’t helping with my oily skin (I don’t have acne for 2 months!). So, see for something else, at least for summer. Then you can have Sebamed!

The toner is not at all required. Search for toner in the search bar and you’ll get to see many posts on it! I searched one for you: What is toner used for?

Is Clinique DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT ( ❗ ) moisturising gel that good? But have you wondered, is your oily skin needing moisturising in summer? You see we should change our skin care routine according to climatic conditions (and of course our skin!)

See if you can drop that gel and toner! Don’t you have any Sunscreen in your regimen? you should include, a minimum of SPF 30.

So I guess I have thrashed all of your products for now! 😀 he he he! 😆


I have used Clinique three step stuff and it did not do anything at all for me. A useless product that made my case even worse.

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