Has anyone tried Postac for pitted scars?


I have a numerous  dark acne marks and pitted scars all over my back. I was prescribed  Brite Night cream ( 5% glycolic acid, kojic acid dipal 2%) and after 3 months there has been a 70% reduction.

For the pitted scars the doc prescribed Postac (phenytoin soidum 5 % and tretinoin o.012%) . I have not used it yet. There is no info on the internet. Has anyone used this cream?

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I read about postac  it has phenytoin which treat wound and other skin related problems and has good effect….do as ur doc say we cant change prescription…did he give u any body wash .do u have acne on ur back now or not..


Dont use brite cream on ur face because it has hydroquin which u left  and it is not good for face but for back  it is goood.


@key Postac seems interesting although I have never used it personally. Phenytoin has some interesting wound healing abilities while tretinoin will also help. Do let us know if you see any improvement in pitted scars.

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