Help with open pores and a dark spot?


I have this query that i was suffering from acne from past 8-10yrs..
Now they have gone from around 6,7months by themselves…
But i m having lot of wide open pores on my nose and cheek area due to them face looks reddish and unevenly toned and one brown dark colored spot on my nose which looks very bad..,due to bursting of one previous cystic pimple which had come 3-4months earlier.It is asymptomatic now but protruded from the skin pus is there and nothing else,only looks prominent and very bad..will it go by itself??what can i do to vanish it..i was using retino ac earlier but not continuously,now not using any of medication or acne regimen.My face is oily and shiny.
Plz suggest..thanks in advance 🙂

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Using Avene triacneal continuously for 3 months has helped reduce my open pores to a large extent. If your skin can tolerate it, then triacneal is a good option. A salicylic acid based face wash will also be a useful in reducing the appearance of open pores.


Follow Some regimen Nups. You will see overwhelming difference if you follow any regimen-specified or customized.

Start using AHAglow, Sebamed, Suncote sunscreen, Keracnyl cream, and Kojivit gel. (of course not at the same time, one product added per week. Hope you got it, or should I explain it?)

I see you have gone through CPP process. Which products have you decided to use for CPP? If you still have any pimples coming, first treat them by selecting budget or basic regimen or above products, and then move on to CPP.

Open pores and that one big mark will go on their own using de pigmentation creams and exfoliating creams. No need to worry about that.

Just follow some (any) regimen for 1 month to feel and see the difference!

if you still have any question, feel free to ask! 🙂


Hi Nups,

The raised dark spot on the nose sounds like a keloid (raised) scar. Home treatments such as Mederma gel can work on smoothing out raised scars, so that is worth a try. Of course, decide on your own, this is just a suggestion. If the spot doesn’t level off within a month or so, you might consider meeting a dermatologist.

Also just adding the answers already present: If you haven’t read it, read this guide carefully so you start on the right footing.  Some basic understanding of how acne prone skin works and what kind of products to avoid is necessary to keep acne in check and to make sure it doesn’t return. Good luck! 🙂 You might consider using one of the regimens to reduce pore size, uneven skin tone and oily skin.


nupps for open pores saliyslic is better option i think u go with budget regimn which has sebonac gel it will help u with pore problem .for marks kojivit is good option also//


which is in buget also..


thanks….i have added ahaglow in my regimen.

i have this retino ac remaining with me..Can i use it alongside?

now once in a week or two pimples are occuring but not  like before..small white cystic types.



i have read ur post…it is very informative..even ur whole acnemantra site is very appreciative and shows an outcome of sound knowledge and hard work 🙂

i hv also read the probable causes of tretinoic acid…hv started using ahaglow now nd i want to know which wud b better go for kojivit,glyco6 or retino ac??as i have both open pores (or may be called as scarring left due to acne but appears as pores to me)as well as some acne marks (if any of above keeps the aging also in check it wud be best 😉 )

is topical glyco or kojivit safe to use in pregnancy also?retino i know is unsafe.





+1 to what @malamala just said. 🙂 Triacneal is indeed an all-in-one solution. SA based products also help with pores, true. Also search for pores in the search box to see more discussions and product options.


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