Help in makeup products for pimples caused by disorder of LH and FSH hormonal levels


Hi everyone
I recently came across this community and frankly speaking, now being a part of it makes me feel a bit better about my skin. So recently I had my hormonal levels tested and found that there’s a major disturbance in it that might be causing type 3 acne on my face. I have extremely oily skin, I can literally see oil on my skin every 2 min no matter how much I wipe it off. My pores have become very active, I can see them with my bare eyes. I have breakouts all over my cheeks and my forehead but I also have it occasionally on my nose, chin, eyebrow, lip area and jaw line. I am currently under no medication. So can anyone please suggest me what makeup products might be helpful and harmless for my skin?

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Hi Prerana, we’re happy to have you join this community. Before you add in makeup products, you need to ensure that all the skincare stuff you are using is non-comedogenic, and not just because the label says so. If you will list all the skincare you are using currently, we could see if there’s anything in there that’s worsening the problem. Also, this link will help you choose skincare and makeup safely. For makeup products, check out this post which lists a full face makeup kit for acne prone skin.


Thank you for the quick response 🙂
The skincare products I am using at present are-

1. VLCC Spring Daily Shine Control Clarifying Cleanser (Vitamin C) Normal to oily

2. VLCC Skin Defense Lavang Moisturiser Normal to oily skin

3. VLCC Skin Defense Punarnava Astringent Normal to oily skin (I don’t use it regularly)

4. VLCC Sun Defense Oil free Sun Screen Gel SPF 15 PA+ Normal to oily skin

5.  VLCC Spring Enbrighten Night Treat Cream Carrot Oil Normal to oily skin

And also for my makeup, I’ve been using these products-

1. NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer Anti-redness

2. Sheercover Duo Concealer Medium/Tan

3. Sheercover Mineral foundation SPF 15 Almond

4. Coloressence HD Foundation

It’d be a great help if you could tell me if any of these are not suitable for my skin. 🙂


Hiya Prerana, ok so then the two links I mentioned in my previous reply will help you figure out what products need replacing in your routine. Once you go over the links, you can use the regimens and reviews section to create a whole skincare and makeup kit for yourself. Hint: 100% of VLCC products mentioned in your skincare are comedogenic. You do the rest of the homework. 🙂


Okay. Thanks again!  🙂
And what about sheercover products?

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