Routine before laser treatment?


currently my routine is this

cetaphil cleaner

neoskin cream as sunscreen

sometimes in day hhfudic cream as i want laser fractional

at night yugard cream

i want to ask is dis a gud routine? an green tea which brand to take .please advise

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Hi Jayesh, did your doctor suggest a routine to follow during the weeks leading up to the laser treatment? They usually do.


hhfudic contains 2% fusidic acid which is an antibiotic. As an acne treatment, fusidic acid is not very effective.


Neoskin is not a sunscreen. It is a steroid cream that should not be used for more than 2 weeks. Your doc has probably given you this in preparation for the laser.


You could benefit by including a sunscreen in your routine. Although your doc would be the best person in this case to recommend one, people here are using Suncote gel without problems.


As for green tea, I usually avoid mainstream brands like Lipton etc. and go for more specialized, smaller brands that specifically sell exotic teas. You can find such brands in the grocery stores or if you are in the south of India, in special tea shops.


she prescribed curatio neoskin and on its back its written it contains spf it a stereoi cream i have been using it for 20 ays what should i do?



pleasew reply


Hi Jayesh, I can’t seem to find the ingredients of Curatio Neoskin anywhere on the Internet. The only Neoskin mentioned is a steroid one, but that is not from Curatio. If this is the one your doc gave you:, what other ingredients does it say on the pack? Can you type them here so I can tell you more?


lactobionic acid,ceramide,jojoba, centellA ASIATICA,   hyaluronic acid, lactokine and sunscreens ..these are the key ingredients

while other includea  long list which includes aloebarbadensis leaf juice.

plz tell me more now



plz reply



Hi Jayesh, it sounds like a sunscreen. It is not steroid as far as I can tell from these ingredients.


It does seem to have some comedogenic ingredients, but if it is not aggravating your pimples, it is fine to use it.


Good luck for your laser treatment. Come back and tell us all how it went. 🙂


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