Help! Should i or not?


Hey guys , need your help 🙁

I really want to start using tretinoin to control my acne and my oily oily skin.

BUT i have sports everyday for 2 hours (in the hot sun of bangalore)

i cant skip sports,except on sundays..

i always use suncreen but i feel like its not enough if i stay out that long?


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Lima, is it possible for  you to use a wet wipe to wipe your face clean and re-apply sunscreen during a break?


Unfortunately  no, there is no break time also

and i can’t bring a sunscreen along with me

so sad 🙁


Hi Lima, for your age, I would suggest to skip tretinoin. It’s really not required & what you are facing is probably more hormonal than anything else & is bound to get better when you get in your 20’s w.r.t oiliness, acne everything. Retino certainly will make your skin more sensitive to sun & when you sweat & exercise while on tretinoin, it will literally burn whether you wear sunscreen or not. I really don’t think you would want that.

Give it a couple of years, use acne care products & non comedogenic products as of now & use Retino in your late 20’s as it warrants a lot of after care.

If you do think that you have to use some retinoic based product, a much safer option for you would be to use Deriva CMS which has both adapalene & clindamycin. I had given it to my maid (22 yrs old) for 3 months & her skin cleared beautifully. But again, Sunblock is absolutely essential even in this case. Helps a lot better than tretinoin w.r.t oiliness without the stretchy feeling that tretinoin gives.


Thank you @LD for ur advice..I know what u mean..the main thing I hate about acne is ..for me it seems to leave pitted scars all over after they disappear so this is why I am trying to get rid of acne..and Ya ..I did have the Sun sensitivity and burn from sweat like u mentioned when I was using aha treatment which did not work becas glyco 6 was terribly comedogenic..well.. I think Il skip on tretinoin for now..but I am about to recieve a tube of avene triacneal which I think Il decide on if it helps,also I wanted this as the retinoid here is milder than Retino a etc..(i heard) and Il probably not use it daily as I’m scared of Sun damage.


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