Cream or gel for dark spots?


m 26 yr male,,,ur site help me very much..i use morning-sebamed facewash,evening-fash foam cleanser then ducray keracnyl cream ,,,i had already use glyco 6,,now i have minor pimples,,,can u plss tell me a cream or gel for dark spot,,another pimple cream and also for dark circle…i think kaya pigment is not enough for me because ihad used many cream for pigmentation,, my skin is fair and also oily type 2 or 3 i thing …men skin is hard so is there any other cream for pigmentation and dark circle,,i shall be thankful to you…i also use suncote sunscreen..

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Check this link

Where to Buy Skin Care Products Online

and yes is good site


Hi Jassi..Welcome to Acnemantra 🙂
There is no necessary to post everywhere plus its a weekend so you wont get instant reply..Just post here and you will get your replies..Read this link before you post..

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Then read this link thoroughly,this will answer all your queries including figuring you acne prone skin type..

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Go through the above links properly..

Fash,Sebamed,Suncote is fine..
If you using Keracnyl cream,you dont need glyco since Keracnyl already contains glycolic acid along with salicylic acid,lactic acid..
Keracnyl cream is sufficient for acne as well as scars..
Kaya pigmentation reducer is a very good de pigmentation cream which contains lightening ingredients like lactic acid and niacinamide..It is effective and non comedogenic..It has very positive reviews from the community..It will work irrespective of gender..It is suitable for acne prone skin..
For dark circles you try Neutrogena rapid wrinkle eye cream which had retinol which will help with dark circles and fine lines as well..

Do read up tons and tons of informative available acnemantra and educate yourself on acne,products,treatments and it will definitely help you..
Good luck 🙂


u can use kojic acid cream for ur dark circles like kojivit ,kojiglo etc under eye skin is very thin so use this mild creams


yes you can but very sparingly, key is to use less, always remember – Less is More when you have spots, acne etc! also use it phase wise, use 3 times a week initially & then 4 times & gradually after 2 full weeks try 6 days a week, always use a soothing gel cleanser when you clean the eye area & make sure you don’t apply anything else there during the day as it will surely sting.

Of course do use Sunscreen optimally. You can also try the Sebamed under eye cream, that is also very good with minimal irritation.


thank for ur answer ..i am from punjab and here sun is very heavy so preservation of spots is not good,,, i have read acne mantra many articles and stories in here which are very helpful for me ..thank for this site,, i will but kaya pigment reducer and night cream . can i use kaya pigment reducer on eyes


can u plsss tell me from where i buy triacneal cream… any online site…i read review about medplus site they are not good,,,is purpple site is good


thanks kojiglow is good for eye area f0r dark circle..i have kojiglow gel. can i use it


thax ld… so for under eye area kojiglow for 3 days and sebamed eye cream for another days ,is it good

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