Home made Vitamin C Serum


I want to try Home made Vitamin C Serum

I found the method from here – http:/

But i’m confused which products brand  to buy .

1. Please suggest me a brand name for ”Pure vitamin c powder” and ”Vitamin E gel” capsule .


2. Should i buy Vegetable Glycerin or the normal one ?

Both must be a safe brand anti acne product that easily available in the pharma.

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Hi Abraham, Celin and Evion are vitamin C and vitamin E brands in India respectively. The vitamin C you want to use for such a treatment is Ascorbic Acid, not Sodium Ascorbate which is also commonly available as Limcee. Also, vitamin E supplements are often jacked up with other ingredients like vitamin D etc.  Just go with Evion because it is pure vitamin E. Do check the packaging info before purchasing.

I’d tried homemade vitamin C, but not as a serum, but as a crushed powder of ascorbic acid mixed with moisturizer every day. So it was a fresh dose every day. A lot on the lines of the cult product Philosophy Turbo-C Booster Powder.

I’m not sure where you can find vegetable glycerin in India specifically. Normal glycerine should do too. I’ve not tried using this method with glycerin.

I’m not recommending using this serum or any of its ingredients, just sharing info since you asked. I hope all will go well and you will see great results. 🙂


Haha. thanks sonal mam .. well i bought the right Celin and Evion .

1. but i got the yellow colored Vitamin E (EVION LC)  . not the Jelly type capsules . is this fine ? there was a green color jelly capsule . I wasn’t sure whether it get diluted with i bought the yellow tablets by the same company .

2. How was your result with  ascorbic acid mixed with moisturizer every day ?

3. Vitmine E by Evion is fine for acne-prone skin nah ? i’m little worried because of it’s oil content.


I’m going tonight with my own risk and if i succeed i will let you know .. please reply back to me 🙂



There is lot of work and not ful proof .i will skip it ..u have to make everyday fresh batch .if u put some extra then u dont know what happen …


1. Evion LC isn’t pure vitamin E. It has  L-Carnitine-L-Tartarate in addition. I don’t even have a clue what it does.

2. The effect was good, it evened out the skin to a good degree, but again, it was too much work every day.

3.  Vitamin E by Evion is fine for acne-prone skin nah ? Now this I can’t answer because a) I don’t know b) using vitamin E was not my idea. 🙂

Keep us posted on how it goes.


Hey guys please note that there are 2 kinds of vitamin E :  Capsule form or Pure Oil i.e. the good-for-your-skin type and the other is not-so-good-for-your-skin type (but decent enough to be absorbed by body). The ingredient in these capsules you need to look for is D-alpha tocopherol , this one is in its natural state & unchanged chemically. Don’t buy the one which says Dl alpha tocopherol because this is a synthetic form of vitamin E. Check this on the back of the capsules or  bottle where it lists the ingredients. Some brands you can buy are:  Bio 3 Sg 268 mg – Capsule, Health Aid Vitamin E 400iu (d-alpha Tocopherol), Nature’s Bounty E400Pure d-Alpha.

You can find more information about the right brands to buy for vitamin C & Vitamin E in India here

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