How can I get rid of pimples and blackhead problem ?


hi…..iam new 2 dis ..but i must say ur information is so realstic as what i have read across ur seems helpful. Btw my question is -i have pimples around my nose,on my forehead and also on my cheek . And i am using garnier gentle soothing face wash for cleansing ….nd i also have blackheads for which am using “foracne”  nd for scars am using “ap gel”……but in the morning when i washed my face its get rough …my skin becomes dry  nd it also looks like that my skin is peeled off…pls give some solution or advice …..thanx in advance!!!

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Hi Pinku, welcome to Acne Mantra!

Garnier Gentle Soothing Face wash clogs pores, so the first thing would be to switch to a non-pore-clogging face wash. AP Gel won’t do much for scars. What are the ingredients of Foracne?

From your description, it looks like you could benefit from using something like the Basic Regimen. It is a relatively mild regimen that you could try first. Go through the regimen post carefully and make sure to use only products mentioned in it and nothing less, nothing more.

But none of this will be useful and actually may backfire on you if you will not take the time to go through the background information given here. You will need to follow each link patiently and read through it before making any changes to your skin care routine.

The whole goal of this website is to give you information so you can use it on your own, at your own responsibility, to clear up your skin. All the regimens are merely recommendations, not a guarantee or a final solution.


okk….thanx a ton acne mantra fr givng advice……so could i stop using dese tubes ? nd start using wth ur basic regimen products..btw “foracne” contains “clindamycin phosphate” nd “nicotinamide gel”  as mentioned on the tube…..or can u pls suggest me a name of tube which i can use as face wash …


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