How to get rid of acne pores , dark marks and few permanent pimples


Hi acne mantra team i am undergoing acne treatment from previous 7 months from a dermatologist. i am using aha glow face wash and xinbond cream currently .i am having acne pores and dark spots was using kojivit plus cream from previous 4  months i.e till 6th month of treatment got rid of few spots but still their are few dark spots of acne ,few small size pores and some permanent acne . can you suggest me something to get rid of pores and dark spots. i am having a few permanent pimples too some of them will be removed by injection . what to do with the remaining is their any way to get rid of small permanent pimples??. i will like to add here that some of these permanent pimple turned dark(black) .soi guess cream to remove dark spots is not working on them .please suggest something .

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Hi Shubham, when you go for the injections to get rid of those bigger permanent pimples, ask your doctor about adding in Retino-A or Nexret Gel to your nighttime routine. This tretinoin leave-on will help slough off dead skin cells, prevent acne and reduce pore size with continued use. It is a strong cream / gel and is best used under the supervision of a doctor and since you are going to be visiting one soon, this is a great opportunity to ask them about it. Do not forget to add in a strong sunscreen to prevent re-darkening from sun damage. The rest of your routine sounds good.


Thanks am. one more thing is their any other way of getting rid of permanent pimples, and acne pores small ones? passed through injection therapy this monday but i didn t notice any differance . doctor has given me nexret gel +one more cream for my night time routine .what if the injection therapy is ineffective should i visit the doctor again?? or should i wait for some days?? i am using minoz s face wash(ranbaxy)  8th month of treatment but growth still their so after dropping isotretoin(20mg) for one month have to consume isotretoin again  .so i just wanted to now your review regarding the minoz s face wash .is this face wash responsible for the growth?

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