How to get rid of pitted acne scars?


I have pitted acne scars on my face mostly on the cheeks. I have take scar treatment which consisting of chemical peeling and microdermabrasion for 3 months. The doctor prescribed me 12% glycolic acid peel to be used twice a week. its been 2 months now that I have been doing that along with :

skin type: combination

face wash: neutrogena oil free face wash

sunscreen: sunkroma gel

sometimes at night I use neutrogena oil free moisturizer when my skin is too flaky and dry.

Now after all this my acne has completely stopped, its very rare now that I get any new pimple and my skin looks much better, but my pitted acne remains as it was earlier. are there any creams that can help me out with my pitted acne scar  please do give your suggestions. Iam 30yrs old and had been suffering from severe acne all my life.

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Congratulations on being free of acne.

If acne scars are deep, laser treatment is an effective way to smoothen them out. Among topical treatments, you are already doing well with 12% glycolic acid. The next time you go to your doctor, you can ask for a Retino-A prescription.

Otherwise you can buy Dr. Reddy’s Strea-A retinol capsules (topical application) or Yugard cream. These are retinol products that are not as effective as Retino-A, but will help with collagen production when used over 3-6 months. Fresh collagen production helps with pitted scarring, but will not eliminate it altogether. 

Have you discussed laser acne scar treatment with your doctor?


first of all thank you so much for the reply and your valuable suggestion. yes i discussed about the laser treatment  with the doctor, that was supposed to be the next set of treatments for the pitted scar, but since it was pretty expensive consisting of 6 sittings i dint opt for that one and thought of trying some topical scars are not too deep.

also my other acne marks are not gone completely but definitely are much lighter long should i continue using glycolic acid peel?

Iam also using tretinoin gel as a spot corrector at night.

please tell me how to use the retinol capsules that you are suggesting, i would like to use it .

once again thank you for you suggestion.





You can try Glyco-6 instead of 12% glycolic peels. Even though Glyco 6 is only 6% glycolic acid, regular use will show good results. Go through a tube of it, then you could switch to Glyco-A which is 12% glycolic acid. 

Glycolic acid will inactivate tretinoin, so these two products should not be used at the same time. 

I prefer glycolic acid over tretinoin because it is not only effective with spot lightening (you’ve already seen that with peels), but also good for spot treatment and prevention. It is also less harsh.

You could use retinoids and glycolic acid on alternate nights. A broad spectrum sunscreen will be necessary with both products.

Dr. Reddy’s retinol capsules contain retinol which cannot work better than tretinoin. Since you are already using tretinoin for spot treatment, you can spread it to the acne scar sites too.  Tretinoin helps promote collagen build up that can sort of “fill up” depressed acne scars. 3-6 months are needed to see a difference.

How much per laser treatment was your doctor quoting?


thank you for your suggestions, i will start using tretinoin and glyco6 on alternate of now my glycolic acid peel routine is like this:

i apply Winpeel Lotion( 12%glycolic acid) for 2 hrs  then a cream named HH Derm( Mometasone Furoate,Fusidic Acid, Clotrimazole Cream) for next 2hrs and then a pack. this is how my doctor asked me to do it. now if i change to glyco6 do i need to follow the same steps? please tell me the procedure.

the treatment consisted of chemical peels, dermabrasion and laser treatment all together for Rs.20000 and post treatment medication. but since i dint see good results with my other scars post the chemical peels treatment  i was not sure to pay this much amount again.

please also suggest a good face pack and sunscreen for me.thank you


HH Derm is a steroid cream. Long term use of steroid creams can build dependence and is absolutely to be avoided. 

Mometasone Furoate can cause acne, change in skin colour, abnormal thinning of the skin and hair growth. But I am not authorized to change your doctor’s prescription. So you will need to decide yourself (with your doctor’s consultation) whether you want to keep using this  cream.

Chemical peels, dermabrasion and laser treatment they all have different mechanisms of working and that’s why they give different intensity of results. Your doctor needs to decide exactly which treatment is needed for your scars and then do just that instead of selling a package. Then there is dermaroller scar treatment as well. Instead of giving up on all clinical treatments, perhaps meet a doctor who can pin point one scar treatment?

AHA and mud based face packs bring instant tightening of the pores, so scars look smoothed out temporarily. If the pack you currently use is working for you (which one is that?) continue with that. 

With nightly Glyco 6, you could still do glycolic acid peels say once a week followed by the pack. Except, I would skip the steroid cream.

Since acne is no longer a problem, try Lotus Herbals Matt Sunscreen Gel.


Thank you so much for your information. i will start using glyco 6 and tretinoin as suggested by you and will provide my feedback on how my skin feels after this.

the face pack that Iam using right now is called Bihaku face mask, its a peel off mask provided by the doctor. but its almost over and i don’t get it here in any other outlet Thats why i wanted to try some other face pack. as you have suggested i would try the mud packs. also will try to get some clinical treatment too.

can i continue using neutrogena oil free face wash or do i need to switch to something else?please suggest.

Thank you


With Tertinoin and Glyco 6 both working for you, you do not need to use Neutrogena Oil-free face wash. I would go for a gentle cleanser that simply cleans well. Kaya Skin Clinic Soothing Cleansing Gel is good for using with these products. But feel free to use any other face wash you prefer.

Do a patch test on the side of the face before using a new face mask. Retino-A can make skin very sensitive. 


thank you for all the information provided and the valuable suggestions you gave. i will follow these steps and will let you know how my skin feels.


Healing pitted scars is very hard. In general topical treatments alone might not always yield the desired results.

Pitted scars are of different types – rolling, ice-pick, shallow and deep box. A dermatologist will determine the method of treatment depending on the nature of the scars. Fillers, fraxel lasers, subcision, TCA cross and derma rolling are the most common options.



Sir I went through Erbiyum Yag fractional co2 laser treatment 2 times for my acne scars( pitted scars).After the treatment during healing i could find my skin was smooth with no pits, but after 2 weeks again it comes back as before.No improvement.What is the reason? Please suggest me with the best treatment for my acne scars.


Hello AM! I was browsing net for vitamin supplements, when i came through this beautiful place (7 days back). I appreciate your hard work and your heart for sharing your valuable knowledge. I have a confusion. I had severe acne (cystic ones) for some 7-8 years. Now i have recovered from that phase of my life (now rarely 1 or 2 pimles occur during 2 or 3 months period). But these acne have left pits on  my cheeks. I have read all your posts (in these 7 days) including those about pitted scars. All posts have put me in great confusion. I need your personal suggestion about what should i do? should i use glycolic acid, mandelic acid, tretinoin (or adaplene), kojic acid, or topical vitamin c or any combination. Please suggest the best for me. One more thing, your skin ingredients app is out of this world.

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