How to heal an open wound from a popped pimple?


I just read in the Starter Regimen that if a pimple has popped and there is an open wound, we have to only wash it with Sebamed Cleansing foam. No exfoliators like triacneal, keracnyl, etc should be used. Can we apply antibiotics like say faceclin, metrogyl, etc. to heal it? If not what should we apply to heal the open wound?

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Hi Nairita, after the blood has clotted, that is, the site of the popped pimple feels dry, you could apply an antibiotic gel (faceclin , metrogyl) but you may not need it if you have already washed it with Sebamed Foam.

Keeping a wound moist hastens its healing and possibly even helps reduce scarring. So instead of Faceclin etc. which may cause burning, you could use good old aloe vera gel to keep the wound moist. Or Sebamed Clear Face Gel.






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Coming to your question,if you apply Keracnyl/Trianceal on popped pimple ,it will burn ..
Dabbing antibiotics is better option..
The thing is once it is popped,it will take time to heal..
Touching it often can scar deeper..


First things first, extremely sorry for the incomplete title which i had given earlier. It was a really confusing one. And thanks a lot for the replies. Actually having high fever. Went for a blood test today morning. No fun and no masti tejudi..:-(


Very important question….. When I used to come across bursted pimple I used to make it dry by pressing with cotton damp n it lead to further darker marks …. this information really helps… thank u AM


Jhumki, AM is right .epidermis and dermis of the skin protects us from the external environmental factors when acne pops out u are exposed to external factors.applying faceclin a or clindamycin is like injecting them in ur ur skin heal first naturally .i just want to add ,when u wash ur face try to avoid this area so the clotting does not wash away to minimize scarring.bhalo theko aar pujor toyeri koro.


rajeev all the thing u say are good but what is the last line yr


@rajeev Tumi o khub khub valo theko. Pujo darun moja kore katiyo. And thanks a lot buddy. I am a fan of all your answers. They are always so informative and well researched. Take care.

@jassi0302 Hey jassi, it means take care and prepare for the pujas. I live in Kolkata and here Durga Puja is something really big. Its not even a month left for the pujas. So,  advanced happy puja to you.:)



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