How to regain my fair skin back?


Hey acne mantra my pimples and scars n marks are almost gone…
bt it looks like my skin is getting hampered by using anti acne products n nw it turns red frm fair..
So pls suggest me a cream which i can use at night to regain my fairness..
hope for a quick reply…

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Hi Adnan, nice to see you. I hope you are not using that Clobeta GM cream. You already know why, don’t you? 🙂 The same CPP Process that is used for treating dark spots can be used for overall skin lightening as well. So definitely go through this page to see what you need to do: Product recommendations are also given on that page. There’s nothing new really that I can tell you that’s not already on that page. If you have product-specific questions after that, please just post here.


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