How to use Sebamed? Some questions about usage.


Hii folks!
I have just got Sebamed cleansing-foam but i want some answers as to how to use it properly.

Q.1 Do i have to use it on wet face or dry face? I mean first i have to splash water on my face, then i should apply it or should i apply it directly on face? After morning, my face is so oily, so do i have to apply the foam directly on the OILY face and massage it gently?

Q.2 Second thing is its very cold here in my place!!
So, when i apply sebamed and massage it gently (VERY GENTLY as said in the pack), within 3 minutes, it gets dry and ALMOST freezes on my skin! at least on my forehead the foam gets absorbed completely! And one should keep it for 5 minutes, right? So, after 5 minutes, my skin just completely ABSORB the FOAM. (And i think its not good that the cleanser is getting absorbed like this, is it ok?, nothing to worry about? is it not similar to soap getting absorbed by skin)

I use full foam which comes after single press.Β Face washes should be washed completely from the face naa, so should i use more than applied amount or should i keep it on my face for less time?

Or should i wash my face with a proper cleansing face wash and then cleanse my face again from Sebamed? Hmm?

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I wake up at 7 and wash my face with plain water. Then I do it with Sebamed at time of bathing at 9. So, if you are doing it at once, you can follow the same technique. Else, some other cleanser (mild like Kaya) can be used before Sebamed.

Sebamed should be applied on slightly damped skin, not dry, nor complete wet. Just moist enough.

And we don’t need to massage for 3 minutes. Apply it (I use just half pump) and massage for 20 seconds. Then roam around (or relax) for 3-5 minutes. It will get absorbed completely. At some places it remains as on nose etc. It’s normal. Then wash with plenty of water. It doesn’t stay on face, it gets washed off.


@akshaykshardul it gets absorbed completely, yes! That’s what making me worried. Is it not harmful like absorption of any soap?

1 more thing, since it gets absorbed, does it REALLY gets completely washed off later when we wash it with water?

Coz it appears to me that it does not and that since it gets absorbed into my skin, therefore it may harm it.

@acnemantra you like to say something?


Sebamed won’t harm. Using it from 4 months. It does get washed off completely, that’s why foaming face washes are gaining importance!

and, some members have reported some cast or oiliness feeling after sebamed. They just follow sebamed with some neutral cleanser, that’s it!

Everything is fine nerd! Mark my words, this face wash will become one of your fav! (you checked out the reviews? it’s 5/5! πŸ™‚

Kudos! πŸ™‚


Thanks @akshaykshardul . relieved now. πŸ™‚

U used Garnier BB Cream too, right? But it claims to give matte finish (i read some other reviews too), still it causes oiliness, makes face shiny, greasy?

U switched to Lotus sunscreen, did it not break u out? I just scare from it coz it gave me a very big bump in 2 days!


No nerd. Neither Garnier BB, nor lotus spf 40 broke me out. I have a fairly strong skin! *touchwood!

And, I am searchinng for some other cream now, as Ahaglow, then Keracnyl, and now Glomed plus, Lotus spf 40 + kojivit + kaya night + triacneal made my complexion about one to two tones fairer, and lotus spf 40 makes me dark! πŸ™


And akshay can i experiment like not washing my face at all? πŸ˜›

@acnemnatra there are some cleansers naa which can be just left to the face just like that, without washing. Is Sebamed one among them?


Sebamed needs to be washed off dude! it’s not like we should let it sit on face for long time.


And not washing face at all? like, not even with water? Β NO!

I have tried this thing though: Wash face with plenty of water. just water. nothing else goen on my face. no cream, no sunscreen, no face wash, no pimple spot treatment…nothing. just plain water. 5-6 times each day. It’s didn’t helped with pimples (I had at that time. like 8-9 months ago), but it made my skin glow which no cream could do! May be, my skin thanked me for not using anything on face to irritate it! πŸ™‚

You can try this for a week. But why take risk if you have pimples! πŸ™‚


Hii..i hav been using sebamed since 3 months..i have applied on wet face and also without splashing water..i use it every morning.Then i leav it for 3minutes and just wet my finger tips to massage my face for few seconds and clean with water thoroughly. The only difference which in both ways was it takes more quantity of foam when applied directly without splashing water. Yup i do agree it gives sinking effect after 3min but can be removed by thorough splashing of water.


@akshay u interpret things differently! πŸ˜›
I din’t mean not to wash my face anytime! πŸ˜›
I meant to use Sebamed and just let it be there only. (I know how hygiene is imp. for health care) πŸ™‚ And u told the whole story.


@priya thanks. I wash it but i doubt that it cleanse my skin even in the morning (in night i don’t apply anything). Was just curious to know whether it can be used just by applying only.

@acnemantra i still want to hear you in this regard. πŸ™‚


No man nerd, actually, “not washing my face at all?” and a ”Β :P” after that made me feel to think so!

Well, it needs to be washed off. Excessive dryness and itching may be seen (I once tried to keep it for 10 minutes-result? itching!)

Now, is this interpreted correctly by me?

Sorry dude!


Keeping Sebamed on the face for too Β long causes stinging / burning on the skin. Once I used it as a spot treatment and left it overnight. The whole area was red and rough for two days. Β I can’t even keep Sebamed for more than 3 minutes because it causes dryness and itchiness.


Same I have been experiencing from sebamed’s usage lately. Dropped it as a regular washer. Now only once a week for shaving.
In fact every face wash causing me dryness now a days – Thankfully Aloeveda gel has come to rescue πŸ™‚

I can really vouch for this product as a mosturizer. Almost everything breaks me out and I am the one who never used anything as a mosturizer before this winter, ever! I was not subjected to AHAs and BHAs for skin treatment anyway so there had been no issue of dryness. Now it is there and Aloeveda is there too to combat with it successfully. One safest moisturizer for APST 3, hence for all the levels below as well.

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