How to use toner??


Hi all

I am thinking of adding a toner in regimen as i have read many times that we should use it after washing face to close the pores..but have various questions..would be great if you can help..

1) Do we really need toner??

2) If we really need, then how should we use it?? Means by cotton or by rubbing by hand..

3) Should we use it everytime after washing face?? Means if we wash our face 4 times, then should we apply toner also for 4 times..

4) After how much time of washing face, we should apply it??

5) Do we need to give some gap in between of applying toner & sunscreen??

Sorry for bombarding so many questions but i actyally have no idea about toners as i have never used them before..If toner is needed, then i have chosen Kaya skin clinic toner after going through review section..Is it the right choice??

Thanku in advance..:)

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Am also eagerly awaiting answers for this post 🙂


Read this many days back.hope it helps.

How to use a toner



Hiya Shafali, different people have different opinions on the use of a toner. In the past, a toner was seen as a skin pH balancer and something to remove the last traces of dirt that soap might have left on the face. These days, toners are going beyond that, adding more functionality like exfoliation, skin lightening etc.


So if you want to use a toner, choose one based on your requirement. Any generic ones that don’t do much and are loaded with alcohol are best avoided since they are candy equivalents of food – just taking up space without offering any real benefit. These days another way toners are being used is for depositing ingredients on the skin that help products that go on top penetrate the skin better. Propylene Glycol is one such ingredient.


A toner is often swiped all over the face as a thin layer. You could use a cotton round / pad for it, that’s what people usually do. Then toners could be sprayed on the face as well. This may not be a good idea since an exfoliating toners can get into the eyes / near the eyes and irritate them.


Ideally, one would be washing the face twice a day. If you are having to wash the face say 4 times a day, then checking why so many washes are needed may help.

Toners when swiped on the skin as a thin layer should absorb / dry within a few seconds. Then you could use a sunscreen right away.


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