Hyperpigmentation regimen for my Mom


Hello everyone, this time I am here for my Mom! She is 40, APST 2 and normal skin type (somewhat dry in winters near cheek region, temple is oily though!)

She is facing hyperpigmentation (may be age spots) and blackheads on nose and surrounding area from last one month. For last 10 days, she’s being applying Kojivit gel on cheeks in morning and Kumkumadi oil in night on whole face. There’s a lot of improvement. From last 5 days she also started Lotus Herbals SPF 40 (as per my advice)

Now, I want for her a good morning and night face wash. (if both are same, it’s good for her-the minimum the products!) (She used Ahaglow in he past with me!)

So, what could be her regimen? Suggest some products!



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Sorry, I meant hyperpigmentation (age spots) on cheeks and blackheads on nose and surrounding area!


If she doesn’t have active acne, then glycolic acid would be good na? in the nights? I would prefer the Bioderma Spot Spf rather than the Lotus one for sunscreen as it has licorice root which also aids in lightening.  Is she fine with kumkumadi oil? no clogging?


Hi akshay, sorry I just realized you asked for a good face wash & I gave you a different answer.

How about Glomed? everyone seems to be like it here. has 5% glycolic acid & is supposed to lighten. even keracnyl face wash maybe?


Hey LD, I was thinking of Keracnyl and glomed. And yes, (sorry) I forgot to mention “cream” along with the face wash!

She is okay with Kumkumadi oil, no acne, never. In fact, she often uses that oil from time to time.

So, Glomed it may be. Could you suggest good night cream which is easily available? Not able to figure out from this: Anti Aging Article


For face wash glomed for night cream kaya night cream for marks…if u want a solution for wrinkles then retino is best in this area


No wrinkles as for now, just hyperpigmentation marks are concern jassi! I am using Kaya nourishing night cream , is this the one you mentioned or you talking about Kaya pigmentation reducer?


Hi Akshay, she could also try Olay Regenerist Serum as an all-over night treatment. It is a concentrated formula with niacinamide which will help her with overall anti-aging as well as fading dark spots. It is mostly non-comedogenic, but there have been rare reports of people breaking out with it. Hopefully your mom will be able to tolerate it just fine.

Another option is Facemed gel for dark spots. Facemed has 5% vitamin C, 6% niacinamide, both very good for fading dark spots fast. Of course, test it out first say behind the ear so that you know it is not going to irritate her skin.


Facemed is not available in my city.

Well, Sunscreen and Kojivit has helped her very much. Keracnyl Face wash is also suiting her. Now ill give her my Glomed, as I am going for new regimen (as my new question!)

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