Is AHAglow safe enough for daily use?


I have been using AHAglow as my daily facewash since almost 5 months.I absolutely love it.It has helped me control my acne to a GREAT extent.But,in one of your article,I see that AHAglow has been mentioned as an exfoliator.And this has brought me to reconsider it using daily.

I also have started to notice uneven skin tone,ie;darkness around my nose and mouth.I want to know if this has anything to do with regular usage of AHAglow.I don’t want to completely stop using AHAglow as it is quite effective for acne problems.And please do suggest me any alternate cheap and effective facewashes for daily use,if the problem is due to AHAglow.Thanks! 🙂

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Hi @Bloxpo,


Start off with the below link

Is Exfoliation Making You Darker?

Too much of anything would be a risk. I would advise you to check the reviews about AHAGLOW in this site. In fact i have been using it daily without any issues. You could also look for other face wash options in the review section.

Sebamed cleansing foam would be a better alternative.

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