Is Sotret Isotretinoin Gel 0.05% safe to use?



Firstly I would like to say, I found your site yesterday and I’ve been hooked, reading and reading. Great job on all the information and the truly helpful answers you provide.

I read one of your articles about Sotret Isotretinoin (presuming you were talking about the tablets/capsules?) I have been using the gel(topical treatment) for spot treating for 2 years now recommended by my dermatologist and it works amazing for me. The initial acne pain is gone and if I catch a pimple in the upcoming stage it’s taken care of overnight. Larger pimples 2-3 days, reducing everyday significantly.

Now after reading your article I wondered if this too can have those side effects of the tablets, or is it safe to use?

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Hi Ayesha, welcome to Acne Mantra!


This study shows that even excessive amounts of topical isotretinoin 0.1% (double the concentration you’re using) did not lead to significant metabolic absorption. So it is a safer option than oral isotretinoin.


So it seems safe for use. Although I’d still be careful if there was any chance of pregnancy while using this cream.


Thank you so much, it works really well for me out of all the spot treatments I’ve tried. So now I’m happy.

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