Is the pH of saslic facewash hampering its effectiveness?


I was doing some reading regarding how to use AHAs and BHAs and I came across a number of articles that said that these acids do not exfoliate when the pH of the skin crosses 4.

The package of saslic facewash states that the solution has a pH of 5.5.

Does that mean the saslic is not effective as an exfoliant ?

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Hi Anu, this is such a great question. 🙂 Yes, I’ve heard that pH constraint too. At a pH of 5.5 the SA (salicylic acid) in Saslic should be useless.  How could that be, because Saslic does work to a large extent?

So I went digging into research and found something that may have our answer. I’m by no means an expert in product formulation, but this is what I’ve been able to figure out.

SA has poor stability in water. So even before the formulators can get to the pH part, they must have dealt with the issue of stabilizing SA in a watery solution. SA is hydrophobic but it can be encapsulated to survive in watery solutions. These encapsulation spheres break down on contact with skin and deliver SA.

Now for the pH of 5.5 itself. A higher pH such as this could actually prevent leakage of SA from these spheres. Keeping a pH near the skin’s own pH ensures slow release of SA over time and less irritation.

Saslic has been shown to be effective, and maybe the Cipla guys have designed it knowing all this. In that case Saslic may not be your average SA face wash. Or maybe they haven’t and they’re just selling water in the name of SA. 🙄


bha dont work on upper skin like aha .aha remove upper dead cell from skin but salicylic work from under the skin there is big diff.


Well then there is still hope regarding its effectiveness 😀 It does dry out skin which is typical of SA . Lets just hope its working 😀

Maybe after using it for a few more months,out of experience, I’ll be able say whether it works for sure !

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