Just quit the Keracynl regime..wasnt helping! Dunno whether it was worth it!


Hey AM

I might be a new member but I am not new to this website! AM and also Tejupriya have really helped me so far!

So here goes my story- I do not have severe acne but I am amongst those people who get them on and off in small numbers but when they do they really beat the shit out of me! I never pop em but they always do leave dark marks.

So I stumbled upon AM and found out the Keracnyl regimen… My regime was as follows-

1. Sebamed in the morning followed by Suncote gel for sunscreen.

2. I use make up but not a lot so maybe a bit of concealer on marks and under the eyes but thats it! I use Loreal True match concealer and as AM taught me I looked out for signs of break out but it did not aggravate them so i kept using it.

3. Keracnyl face wash + the cream at night

I have been doing this for almost 6 months now and somehow I havent loved it. It did help yes but not to a great extent! I still get the on and off pimples and they are generally red around the area and hurt and only form a head after a few days.

So after reading recently about how Keracnyl was kicked out I switched to KLM KLIM and Glyco 6 + Kojivit gel like 2-3 days ago.

I just wanted to check am I on the right path?

Answers and help would be much appreciated!!!! 🙂




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Ohh forgot to add I also drink Safi on a fairly regular basis although I am trying to switch to baidyanath rakhtshodak!


Hi Pooja, Glyco 6 is comedogenic and not recommended for acne prone skin.  KLM KLIN face wash comes in two versions – the regular one and AHA one. The regular one is salicylic acid based which is I think what you are using currently. You could given both versions a try and see which one gets you better results. Salicylic acid isn’t tolerated well by some skin types, so it can cause tiny white pimples that look like razor burn. If you see that, then you know it is irritating your skin.


The AHA one has 5% glycolic acid, which can be a good alternative to Glyco 6. Using you current products, you could form a regimen with Sebamed in the morning, KLM KLIN (regular or AHA based whichever you tolerate well) in the evening and Kojivit Gel at night.


Using a sunscreen is essential to prevent darkening of acne spots. But that’s for later. If you react to only one of the Keracnyl products say the face wash gel but not the cream, then you could still continue to use the cream and vice versa. Just saying. 🙂


Thanks AM!

Can kojivit be used as a stand alone cream instead of Glyco 6? How about Glyco A?

If not Kojivit (just clarify here- the label says gel but it is actually a white colored cream?) then what could an alternative be to Keracnyl cream cuz honestly I dont know which one of them is causing me heartache!


Ohh forgot to mention… I use Suncote gel as a sunscreen.

Also instead of KLM KLIN if I dont find the AHA one can i use AHA Glow? I read somewhere that AHA Glow can cause acne? Is it true??


Hi @poojaj i used to get red painful pimples like you do too.they formed head like only after week and took couple more weeks to heal.whole area would be paining if i touched while washing the face.using nicotinamide based products might help you.check the link for it’s uses

i ve used two product which helped me greatly in reducing the redness and healing the acne A-CN gel and D’ACNE plus gel.try to change your sunscreen pooja.suncote has broke me could try sunprotek which has best reviews or zorayAquagel which hasn’t reported to cause pimples so far.

keracnyl is strictly no-no if your sensitive even to a tiny could try saslic acid facewashes too.but it is a tricky one.for somepeople it has helped greatly (like me) for some it has irritated the is a two-way experience with AHA glow facewash was”not bad”.can’t say great.i use it in the morning and himalya neem facewash in the evening which is a safe and cheap product.

kojivit is for skin lightening and dark’s not going to help you in anyway in fixing the pimple skip that for now and focus on acne-curing and skin repairing Pooja.

All the best!



Thankyou! Can you tell me if this is ok? L use AHA glow in the evening and top it up with the nicotinamide gel? Can it be used all over the face? Are there any names you can suggest?

I just bought Suncote again and to be honest I have seen absolutely clear skin for some time inspite of using Suncote so maybe next time I will buy sunprotek!

@acnemantra    any suggestions? I am really struggling with what face wash to use at night and I cant find the KLM KLIN with AHA in it. I did notice a few whiteheads after using the salicylic one like you said so I have stopped it!


@Bargavi R

Sorry the tag did not work so well for you so doing another message text here

Thankyou! Can you tell me if this is ok? L use AHA glow in the evening and top it up with the nicotinamide gel? Can it be used all over the face? Are there any names you can suggest?


@poojaj i think you can try nicotinamide gel after AHA glow in my previous answer i ve used A-CN gel(1% clindamycin&4% nicotinamide) you can apply it all over your won’t need a moisturiser cos it’s base is made of aloe and allantonin.if your skin is normal it may make look a bit oily or i don’t know it if makes my skin oily cos of the summer.another one i got D’ACNE plus is same as A-CN and additionally got 0.5% allantonin.

if you can’t find a good facewash, you can try himalaya neem or cetaphil.both are safe.comparatively himalaya ll clean clean your makeup however no facewash ll be enough.use a good makeup remover or Johnson and Johnson oil and then proceed with facewash.

hope this is helping!

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