Buy Kaya Skin Clinic Day cream or Night cream?


Hey AM…I have oily +sensitive skin+acne prone. Pls tell me whether I should buy kaya day cream or night cream

cream? I read in ur post that day cream may cause pimples but night cream is a safe  bet for acne prone skin. Also advice abt the details of the ingredients for comparison between the two. Thanks.

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Hi Ashu,

I use both. If I am in town I use suncote and if I am travelling I use lotus 3-in-1 sunblock spf40 as the lotus one is tinted and I need not add any moisturizer or a powder. But in my opinion to start with suncote is the safe bet.


Hi Gazala..Kaya day has spf and mildly comedogenic ingredient cetyl alcohol so unless skin is highly acne prone,it will work for apst 1/2..
Kaya night cream no spf and non comedogenic and hence more preferred..
Both have azelaic acid which is a lightening ingredient..
The ingredients is not available on net,the one listed on is wrong..
I will get back to you on that later with ingredient list..


Thanks for the response. I am thinking of buying the night cream + use sucross sunscreen hopefully it should suit my skin.


Ya gazala no problem use it..I have been using both from 4 months,it is very good..


Suncros is not the safest option for acne prone skin. Some people have reported breaking out from it. Try Suncote Gel to be on the safest side. I’d also prefer the night cream version of Kaya.


Oh sorry that I misread it has suncote..yes gazala suncote is safe bet for acne prone skin..


Hi Gazala,

If you find suncote too much sticky then you could even try Lotus 3-in-1 Matte look sunblock SPF40. These two are the safe bets for oil-acne prone skin.


@suresh – Are you using suncote or lotus ? which one you have had good experience. Could you please tell. Thanks.


Thank you Suresh. That helps 🙂


Ok…tx for the info.

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