Kaya Soothing gel Really Non-comodogenic?


Hi guys, My name is Lima and am new to this community, this site is really amazing and m so glad i stepped into AM, i read almost of the post here and was great…

Well i just finished my cleanser and was planning on getting the Kaya soothing gel but when i see the ingredients m a bit confused, firstly it contains which can be a little comedogenic and can irritate skin i think and also the “triethanloamine”  seems to be comedogenic, Am tool says its not but when i see in others sites like Cosdna and others , it says can block pores and can irritate..

Is this face wash comodegenic? wat about Nivea for men whitening dark spot wash?


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Hi Lima, welcome to Acne Mantra! Triethanolamine is somewhat comedogenic, you’re right. But it is not worryingly so. Most people do just fine with it.  Tons and tons of people on Acne Mantra use it and it is going fine. I’ve myself been using it for over 6 years now and my skin breaks out really really easily, but not with this one.


The thing is, sites like Cosdna are based on what’s written in the books and not so much on people’s real experiences. So one does not learn from anecdotal evidence there.


Nivea for men whitening dark spot wash is comedogenic. If I remember correctly, the confusion is because of the way they have listed ingredients on their label – they write potassium palmitate etc. which is a compound based on palmitic acid which is comedogenic.


Depending on how acne prone your skin is and what your budget is, you have quite a few choices in India. You could check out more options here.


lima there are some discussions same like it past so go in search box and write kaya soothing gel u will get ur is not comedogenic…nivea products r comedogenic ..go to comedogenic non comedogenic tool skin ingredients check urself.


thanks ..well i went through the other post before posting this , actually was just curious about the triethanloamine in the ingredient list which shows to be comedogenic in most sites but not in AM..also ik many products from nivea are comedogenic but when i went through the ingredients in nivea whitening wash , i didnt see anything significant :))


did u check it on skin ingredient tool .see nivea face wash ingredients full list.and check past post there is same discussion on ingredient in kaya soothing gel and u will get ur ans .many members including me r using this products so no acne with it so far .i am aspt 3 mean whenever i use new products it gave me acne but not this product.


Thanks Am and jassi 🙂 m gona go ahead with kaya now ^^

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