keracnyl broke me out


i am 18 yrs boy with very oily skin.
I followed keracnyl regime for 2 months but my skin never totally cleared but now it has suddenly broke out with many big pimples with pus.
plz suggest what to do

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Hi Uttpal, have you been able to figure out which of the two Keracnyl products are breaking you out? The face wash or the cream or both? Have you been using any other products at all in addition to these 2, such as moisturizer, shaving cream, after shave, suncreen etc.?

Keracnyl Regimen is based on salicylic acid and while that has cleared many faces, salicyclic acid doesn’t sit well with everyone. In the meantime, stop using both Keracnyl products and use AHAglow face wash twice a day, nothing else. This should help with both the existing pimples as well as their marks.

If you had posted sooner than 2 months, we could have helped you sooner.


i do not use moistriser and sunscreen as i hav very oily skin and i stay indoor for self studying.
I could not figure out which one broke me.
As they didnt broke me out since 2 months


Since you are seeing increased pimples suddenly, but have been using Keracnyl Regimen for 2 months, then it is quite likely something else in your environment that has triggered the breakouts. I do believe you, it could be the Keracnyl, but it sounds unlikely after using it for 2 months and only seeing bigger breakouts all of a sudden.

What do you use for shaving? (if you do). Have you added any multi-vitamins to your routine lately? Have you been majorly stressed out lately? Let me know this and maybe we can get closer to solving this mystery. In the meantime, maybe stop using Keracnyl cream and only use Keracnyl face wash or AHAGlow, whichever you feel like.


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