Kojiglo Gel anyone?


Has anyone used Kojiglo gel here? It is made by Alkem pharma and contains kojic acid dipalmitate 3% and vitamin C 2%. This is a stronger de-pigmenting product than Kojivit which contains 2% kojic acid dipalmitate. Vitamin C is a potent dark spot lightener. All in all, this could be a good substitute for those who are looking for stronger products than Kojivit but are finding it difficult to locate Rejuglow Gel.

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Wowies – I`ll try and see if I can find this one…Kojivit is easily available – that`s wha tI like about it


I am also going to find that one now. Instead of searching for special Vit C cream for my retinaldehyde-Glycoli acid-vit c combination!



@acnemantra Hi AM, i have kojiglo gel. It costs Rs.175/15 gm tube. but have’nt seen any vitamin c ingredient in it 😐 or is it mentioned with other name on the label?? got this product to treat my dark circles but i’v used it only for a week. Upon using it for a week i’v noticed that eyes were itchy/irritating and under eye area has become bit darker than before. This(darkness) might have happen because i have’nt used the sunscreen for the eye area so cant blame the product completely.There might be a chance of this product work for acne marks and pigmentation. This time will try it out on the acne marks and will let you know.



Hi Sri, can u plz check is it from same company alkem??


i think lavanya from our communityhad  used it earlier for dark spots & had reported breakouts after using kojiglo..but here is a doubt whether kojiglo that she had used, was of Alkem pharma or not..


Hiya @lekha12, you’re right about vitamin C. The packaging doesn’t seem to mention it although an online pharmacy did. Kojiglo might be too harsh for the under eye area. The skin around the eyes is so delicate, it’s best to use a proper eye cream. Wunder eye cream and Liftage are two of the ones recommended by @jassi0302, who’s tried quite a few for his under eye darkness.

@lavanya, do you remember Kojiglo gel breaking you out?


@shafaligarg  Hi shafali, yes Iam talking about the one from alkem pharma.

On the carton box, it is mentioned as

kojic acid dipalmitate+octinoxate+allantoin

Kojiglo gel from alkem laboratories ltd.

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