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Hi AM and fellow AM-ians,

I have this mousse which i use after applying Lakme ABSOLUTE white intense concealer stick spf 20 .I have bought it few months back and have thrown the outer pack so dont know the contents.Can someone tell me if these three products are safe for acne prone skin and if they can be applied on active acne..(only in emergency situations like parties or weddings)

–Lakme ABSOLUTE white intense concealer stick spf 20

— Lakme MATTREAL skin natural MOUSSE

— Lakme absolute compact


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I have used the absolute range – It`s pretty sheer isnt it ?

No the absolute mousse isnt completely safe for acne prone skin as it has a lot of silicones in it (you can make out from the slippery feel of the foundation ).If you are sensitive to silicones (most apst 3 people are) , then it`ll definitely break you out.This also depends on how long the foundation is being left on the skin everyday. The skin cover is better in that respect – and none of the products in this range disclose their ingredient list – another reason why one cant recommend the products at the drop of a hat…

The compact is relatively safe – it hadnt broken me out as far as I remember. But I have noticed that both the foundies stick to dry patches on the skin – which I`m not a fan of. Makes me look like a 3000 year old mummy who has just woken up from it`s cursed sleep XD

However , if you are using the foundies just for special occasions and they suit you , you shouldnt worry.


Hi Richa, this link will help you with selecting acne-safe products. BB and CC creams, almost all of them are comedogenic. If you want light to medium coverage for everyday use, Chambor Sheer Delight Ultra-Matte Foundation (comes in a tube) is a pretty safe option. You will need to wear sunscreen underneath or even just mix a bit of this foundation with your current sunscreen. That will sheer it out even more. It is not very expensive either. Do go over the link I mentioned and it will take out the uncertainty from choosing acne-safe products.


Hi @RG , thank you , you are so sweet ^_^ and @pam People are mean arent they ? But I see more and more people suffering from breakouts due to high levels of pollution and lifestyle changes (more caffeine intake , less sleep , more stress) everyday. People shouldnt look down on others who have acne. Those who have acne have a lot on their plate and will eventually get clear skin. Just like someone who`s obese and has to work 5 times as hard to control food cravings compared to one who`s naturally skinny , those who have acne have to be careful about what they use on their face , search a lot to get the products they need in their city , and then deal with the social pressure to look good than those who are genetically blessed with clear skin. It`s time humans started being humane and used their common sense ;P


Hi..thanks for response

i love your tag line..”keep calm and cure acne”…i totally need to follow it right now.

last time wen i used the products..i got couple of systic acne but before that i have never had acne after using the product.these are expensive products so u dont feel like throwing them..

i normally dont use them everyday…but now i need to i guess becuse of the marks left my the recent acne bout.

can u suggest something which i can use everyday for coverage…i am confused between BB creams,CC creams and concealers and the long lists…:-(

for special occasions i can use concealer and foundation but i can not use it everyday..(and i hate the first reaction of everyone when they see me…arrey ye kya ho gaya tumhey)…i feel more furstrated after that reaction.


Omg!! That’s what I do: ‘sheer delight + la sheild ‘ 🙂 I love the effect.



I had people asking me if I’m recovering from chicken pox :p which is why I bought sheer delight in the first place.


@padm1n1 – I thought your name was padmini from the id 😛 Padmini was the beautiful queen of Chittor , wasnt she ? ^_^

@richa – couldnt tag you in the reply due to some thickheadedness on my part , so did it here. 😀


@keepcalmandcureacne totally agree 🙁 I hate all that pity & false concern. Yep, your right 🙂 its Padmini!


Hi AM,

I am using zoray aquagel for last 10 days and i am loving is it safe to mix chambor sheer delight with that

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