Laser hair removal and acne


Hi guys, first let me thank you for all the information you have given me!! U r a real life saver!! Been facing acne for 3 yrs and now from ur site my skin is starting to clear up wirh only a 1 or 2 occasional smal pimples. I have been following the regimen given below.. Plz do look into it,APST 2
Morning: Wash face with water apply suncote
Since suncote is too greasy looking for me i
Apply revlon touch nd glow oil free after 15 min
Miday : Wash face with kaya soothing cleansing gel at
Bathing nd apply suncote if am outdoors or apply kaya pigmentation reducer alone if am indoors
For dryness i use lotus aloehydra
Night : wash face with kaya gel nd apply glyco 6/ kaya nourishing night cream anti oxidant fairness

Now what bothers is that i hav been gng for laser hair removal at kaya( gone through 6 sessions) . Following the above regimen for only 1 month nd i hav got a session next month. Plz do advise me on how to take care during that time and wat all creams should i use and avoid before and after the session.. Plz plz do give some advice

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Hi saika..
You have wear sunscreen irresptive of whether you indoors or outside..It is not to be neglected specially when you are undergoing acne treatments and medical procedures..they make skin sensitive to sun..Yes i agree suncote is sticky but it is one of the best options for oily skin in Indian Market..If you dont prefer there are options like lotus matte gel..for more options look into this link..

10+ Best Sunscreens for Oily / Acne Prone Skin

If I am not wrong there are two versions of revlon fairness cream one which has spf and which doesnt…Spf version is very less too,so cannot provide enough sun protection..One more point regarding that is it highly comedogenic product which means it is not suitable for acne prone skin..
Before you buy a product check if its comedogenic by downloading “skingredients ” app or online tool..

Check if a Product Will Cause Pimples, Instantly

Kaya cleanser,Kaya Spot Gel,Kaya Night cream,lotus aloe moisturizer,glyco is all fine..
for mild acne ,you can look into Basic Regimen for more info

Basic Regimen for Mild Acne and Oily Skin

Look into CPP regimen for treatment of scars

CPP Process to Get Rid of Dark Spots Fast

you already have most of the products..please remember to follow cpp regimen only when acne is under control..
Also a proper and complete regimen is required for acne..And you can reap full benefits only if properly followed otherwise you cant if modified or if there is no routine/proper method..
Regarding laser hair removal i do not know but i am posting few links that can help u..
Tons of informative articles is on acnemantra,do read up and educate youself on the acne,do and donts,products,treatments and they will definitely help you 🙂
hope this helps..Take care:)


Hi thanks a lot for ur rply..i usually get pimples during that time of the month( 1 or 2).. Am using d revlon mentioned in 7 best fairness creams in this site.. Is it comedogenic ? If so can u please suggest me a good fairness cream with matt effect for day wear? Nd bt thanks for the link


hi saika recently it was found that using “skingredients” online tool that it was comedogenic..And it has been removed from the list too..check the updated version..

7+ Best Fairness Creams for Oily Skin in India

U are using kaya night cream with antioxidants and fairness,that alone is sufficient..If u still insist for day wear then go for kaya day cream with antioxidants and fairness itself..From my experience these kaya products are safer for acne prone skin..
Regarding your acne issue,look into basic regimen..that should help u mild/moderate acne..

Basic Regimen for Mild Acne and Oily Skin


Thanks a looot tejupriya


you are welcome saika..take care 🙂

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