Loose powders -chambor vs inglot


Which among the two chambor luminous loose powder and inglot translucent loose powder is the best and safe choice for oily , sensitive and acne prone skin?

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The Ingot one is talc-free. Being a translucent powder, it doesn’t give too much of coverage, just oil-control. I did notice that it contains aluminium hydroxide, something which is used in deodorants to plug the sweat glands to prevent sweating. This can clog pores on the face and cause breakouts.


On the other hand, the Chambor one has talc, provides some coverage and decent oil control. Talc itself can clog pores, but not so commonly. Both are decent choices and now that both the products are available in the reviews section under powders hopefully someone will come forward with their review.


Ya i’m waiting for someone to review it so that i can buy one soon!

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