Make Up For Ever Products now available on MedPlus Beauty – For All Primer, Foundation, Bronzer Users!!

1 – for all the primer, foundation, bronzer questions, this brand is now available on med Plus beauty. check out the products, the primer base is oil free & the powder blush, mineral powder & make up base all look good at a glance. If someone is willing to do some research on these products, do let me know. My clinique is getting over ( i’ve really squeezed the hell out of this bottle) &  I need to look into something else. so any feedback on this brand would be helpful. All the products look quite exciting.

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Hi Lalitha, if you are already using and like Clinique then dont think Makeup Forever would be a better option. At almost the same price as Clinique, one would rather go with Clinique.  Personally speaking, I would explore beyond Clinique only if I am looking for a cheaper range of products and Makeup Forever doesn’t fit the bill there ! Hope that helped 🙂

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