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How to check if my makeup is completely removed after washing my face with a facewash?Would wiping with rose water do the job?

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Hi Prerana, some people break out from rose water even. This is because rose water is obtained as a by-product during the making of rose oil. So some traces of oil may still be there in it. This is a great qusetion though. How about wetting a cotton round with plain water and swiping it over the face? Using a dedicated makeup remover can help too. In the reviews, people have posted good things about Bioderma and Colorbar makeup removers. Just check them out and see if you could use one of them. I myself use Johnson’s Baby Oil and wash it off thoroughly with Kaya Soothing Cleansing Gel. That takes care of all makeup removal.


I use Bioderma H2O for light makeup/sunscreen removal and Colorbar for removing heavy full-coverage long-stay type makeup. Makeup removal is very important and most of the time face wash cannot do a good job. Bioderma H2O mixed with some Jhonson’s baby oil also removes all types of makeup.

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