Do I need a makeup remover to remove sunscreen?


I’ve never used any sunscreen yet but I’m going to start to use Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3 In 1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock – SPF 40 now. I read in one of your articles that if one applies sunscreen then the proper way of cleansing is to remove the sunscreen with a makeup remover, followed by a face wash. I was just planning on to use the face wash to remove the sunscreen. Do I really require a makeup removal for that? If yes, then which one would you recommend for a very oily skin type? Thank you.

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You will see why you need to remove sunscreen using something like a makeup remover when you see how a sunscreen works. Most sunscreens suitable for brown skin are chemical sunscreens. They work by first getting absorbed into the skin and then absorbing UV rays from there. That is why we are told to apply sunscreen first thing, even before moisturizer, even before toner etc. That is also the reason why we are told to wait 20-25 minutes before stepping out of the  house after applying sunscreen. It takes time to absorb fully into the skin. Read the rest of the answer here.


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