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Hello everyone,

Now I understand that the post/question topic is a bit taboo-ish, but that’s what I need desperately now.

I had an unlucky accident that has left some spots/blemishes on one part of the face. I need to get back to work, and hence need an immediate solution for concealing the blemishes.

Could anyone suggest a good concealer for males? And oh, a foundation for males too!!

I have sensitive skin, and I use Episoft/Cetaphil facewash paired with Venusia moisturizing lotion and PhotoBan sunblock.

I will be grateful for your help, as there exists no substantial help about male makeup products anywhere on the web.

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hi rishabh,
kryolan’s dermacolor camouflage cream conceals all kinda scars v.well and can be used by both men and women..But if your skin is v.acne prone and sensitive,using it for 8-9hours everyday may lead to a mild breakout as it has mildly comedogenic ingredients(checked on skingredients)Doesnt giue me a breakout maybe coz i use it for jus couple of hours everyday.
Dont know about foundations for men.
good luck


Thanks Kriya for the suggestion. 🙂

Could you please let me know where I could buy it??

I tried all the online stores ( Even Healthkart ) but they are returning a negative query.



Hi Rishabh, if your skin isn’t acne prone, then you have tons of concealer options. The one Kriya mentioned is pretty much the gold standard for camouflaging any kind of discolouration. If your skin is acne prone, there’s something exclusively for men that we did in these posts: should men use makeup and tutorial for men to hide acne scarring. This should help you with the accident scarring as well.

You will also find this bunch of posts useful vis-a-vis makeup products.


hi rishabh,
kryolan is available in all indian cities,but not in every cosmetic wil have to do a little bit of running around!I got it in chennai in Angels beauty shop in cissons complex,egmore.Its one of the very few places here that has kryolan.


There are many posts by GossMakeupArtist on Youtube that have great videos for everyday makeup for guys too.


Can anybody tell me where can i get Kryolan products in Bangalore? Especially in the Whitefield area if any?


Thanks AM and Anuja !  🙂

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