Does eating mangoes cause pimples?


does eating mangoes really cause acne ?

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hi ansal..In India it is believed some of the food we eat have “heat”..dont know if you have heard it but mango is one of them..
it could cause acne..


I ate a lot of magoes this summer. I didnt really get breakouts due to eating mangoes I believe , but mangoes (though they have skin benefits as well ) ,can clog up the digestive tract apparently. So if you love mangoes like me , have them in moderation , dont have too many of them at one go.


Recently I had a breakout when my skin was clearing up. I had not changed any product and regimen. I visited my dermatologist and she said that she has seen a rise in acne flare-ups during the mango season. And I was eating raw mangoes daily. She told me to stop eating mango altogether (which was difficult, as mango is my favourite fruit), and also stay away from dried nuts (which I used to have daily) for some time. She told me to soak the nuts before eating. She also advised me to drink aloe vera juice and try Thiphala. She told me to take cooling fluids like buttermilk, coconut water, etc.

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