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Hey @acnemantra I discovered this web site, here they have tab for Medicated Sunscreens and it has 10 medicated sunscreens they all have common ingredient or as mentiond there “Generic Name – OCTINOXATE + AVOBENZONE + OXYBENZONE + ZINC OXIDE”

1. What make them different from each other ?

2. What is the Difference between Sunscreen Lotion & Sunscreen Gel?

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Pardon me didnt mentioned the website here it is –


Hiya Fahad, I’d been meaning to post in this thread, but I think it got lost somewhere in the 1 million tabs that I have open in the browser * gulp* . What they mean by the generic thing is that all the sunscreens contain those active ingredients. This is just the active ingredient list, not the whole list.


The sunscreen ingredients are all non-comedogenic, but what makes a sunscreen acne-safe or an acne-bomb is the base – the exact ingredients that go into making the vehicle in which these sunscreen ingredients are delivered.


So all of them might be providing the same level of sun protection (assuming the same % of active ingredients in all), but they may not all be acne-safe.


Cream or lotion bases almost always are a result of comedogenic, waxy ingredients that clog pores. Gels are safer that way, although even gels can contain comedogenic ingredients – like the Lotus Herbals UVScreen Matte Gel – it is comedogenic.


Thank you for bringing to attention more websites to find medicated sunscreens. 🙂


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