Is Meena Herbal Miracle Mask comedogenic?


I’ve tried  a new mask today… the name is MEENA HERBAL MIRACLE MASK ( this is a Bangladeshi product).. its a herbal rejuvenating mask which claims to unclog pores, remove dark patches and leave a healthy glow to the skin… the active ingredients are SAFFRON , MILK and MINERAL CLAY… the inactive ones are cocoamidopropyle betaine , mineral clay , cocomonoethanolmide , titanium dioxide , mineral oil , glycerol monostearate , corn starch ,  kaempheria galanga extract , borax , stearic acid , isopropyle myristate , zinc oxide , vegitable glycerin , parabens and fragrance .

I guess there is comedegenic ingredients here but i really need soft skin and it did soften and brighten my skin from the very first use!!… i posted earlier that my skin is dying .. it was not because of acne break outs (THANK GOD), all i needed was a good moisturizer because the isotrenoin gel i’m using dries out my skin … now i am using neutrogena oil free moisturizer and johnsons baby oil , skin is lot better now and i will start using AHAglow or Sebamed  if i find ’em here in my country … thanks to Acne Mantra ( :-* ) that now i know what to use and what not to… i have combination skin and yeah, acne problem too but not too severe .. please tell me if this mask is good for my APST 2/3 skin type!

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Anika mineral oil ,corn starch,glycerin are mildly comedogenic..isopropyl mystrate highly my opinion this mask doesnt go well with apst 2/3


thanks for your kind opinion tejupriya di.!! i tink i will use it once in a while.. but is there any possibelity of not having acne if i wash my face with AHAglow after i clean up the mask?




sorry anika it doesnt work that way..i have seen breakouts within in a while after application of comedogenic product so dont take a chance..if it is bad for ur skin,no point continuing right?
if u still insist on face mask,try proactiv refining face mask..i use this and still good..suitable for oily/acne prone has mineral clay,tea tree oil,zinc oxide,sulphur etc..

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