Melawash face wash for pigmentation and scars?


hi… can i use melawash face wash followed by olliza gel for pigmentation and scars??

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Hi, Melawash face wash by Curatio Healthcare contains 6% glycolic acid which will help with exfoliation and reducing dark acne marks. You can expect to see an improvement in acne as well.


Although, Melawash being a rinse-off product will not be as effective as a stay-on product like a cream. Glyco 6 with 6% glycolic acid is a stay-on product. But you will still see some benefits of glycolic acid from using Melawash.


If you’ve been looking for an exfoliating face wash to add to your acne regimen, Melawash could be that choice.


The combination of Melawash + Olliza Gel can cause initial irritation on the skin until the skin gets used to them.


Melawash composition / ingredients: water, glycolic acid 6%, acrylates cocobetaine, sodium laureth sulphate, edcyl glucoside acid, glycerin



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