Mineral makeup brands abroad?


hi, Hi AM, keepcalm, lalitha, anuja and rohini..any suggestions on good mineral make up ( compact, foundation, powder) ? I’l be travelling abroad and want to pick up some stuff.

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1 – great formulae anf affordable

Jane Iredale Mineral makeup Heard a lot of good things about this one – Again good formulae but they have slow shipping.


Bareminerals matte foundation  is anather option (the matte version is bismuth oxychloride free )

Tarte amazonian clay is another pricey and reliable brand – but do check out the ingredient list once for this one



Bare Minerals & Physician’s formula , the latter has some amazing bronzers & powders which are oil free & non comedogenic! Why not try Sephora if you can find one there, their bronzer is quite awesome. Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer & primer (the oil free versions) are excellent though not mineral. Another option which is a completely safe zone is ALMAY TLC, all their products are meant for sensitive acne prone skin with non pore clogging ingredients.  Happy Shopping & enjoy your trip!


I bought my Bare Essensuals mineral powder foundation (Matte) from Paris when I went there two years back. It lasts a long time, and I got a new one when my husband went again. I love it. It never broke me out. The colour matches perfectly. The skin doesn’t get oily for longer (as with other liquid foundations). It gives almost full coverage. Though it rubs off a little on the clothes/phone, but the staying power is awesome. It stays to a great extent even in sunny/sweaty days.

Some tips:

– Go to Sephora or any other store that houses BE products and try various shades on your face with the help of the sales representative till you find the perfect match. The sales rep I met was so sweet and tried out five shades on my face till I was completely satisfied. There are so many options that you will find the match for sure. Also, don’t buy the original formula, buy the matte version as it does not have bismuth oxychloride. If you have time, leave it on your face, do your shopping while looking at yourself in every mirror that comes by and when you are completely happy, then only buy it.

– Don’t buy the foundation when you are tanned as you will buy the wrong shade – happened with me once with Mac concealer and I hated wasting those 13 Euros! Now I use it cover my eyelids when I put eye shadow once in a blue moon. Buy foundation during the initial days of your visit.

– Always use a primer with powder foundation to make it stay longer. On the dark spots, I dab Mac concealer, or just put BE powder foundation with a concealer brush.

– With powder foundation, using the right brush is essential. You don’t have to buy the expensive Kabuki brush from BE counter. You can buy the Sephora round fluffy travel brush that can be closed (the one I bought) or come back to India and buy a very nice fluffy brush (from Faces). These two brushes are really great for putting the foundation powder. The Sephora brush is smaller in size, so great for full coverage and the Faces brush is bigger, so good for sheer coverage and for applying mineral veil.

– I also got BE mineral viel to finish up the makeup. You just have to brush it lightly all over. It is good for mattifying the face, but not that great for touch ups as you cannot carry powder pot and brush in the bag.

– One more tip, always wear your party clothes before you apply powder foundation, otherwise it will rub on your clothes. While putting on the foundation, put a big towel on your front, so you don’t drop powder on your clothes.

I have not used any other mineral makeup so cannot tell you about them. But I love BE and the next time I go, I am surely gonna try a shade lighter as my skin is getting slightly fair with all the lightening products we all are using.



Bobbi Brown does a good mineral makeup, and I have heard very VERY good reviews about bareMinerals – it’s talc free! Ulta Mineral Powder Foundation gets a good review.


Laura Mercier is a high-end brand that gets rave reviews for all products, and I’ve been curious to try its mineral makeup.


MAC does a very natural looking mineral powder – I think they have two ranges.


I’m pretty certain there’s a company called Tarte you should at least look into…

The problem is, I don’t use mineral makeup, so I’ve no real guarantee of any of this.

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