Mirror Mirror on the wall!!!!


Hi All,

This is something i find quite puzzling. I am sure you might too. It is about Mirrors. I have a strong feeling that many mirrors misguide us 🙂

One mirror says my acne is reduced.. the other one exposes my open pores to a greater extent. I might sound funny or confusing. Have you guys ever felt so???

I am clueless to conclude if my acne is gone or if it is there. If my pores have shrunk or if they are there?

Crazy yet true… do you feel the same… can you correct me if am wrong?

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Hiya Boss, as @nerd said too, lighting can make all the difference. Overhead lighting such as in the mall trial rooms is the cruelest. Also, overhead sun between 12:00 and 2:00 pm. This kind of lighting casts shadows in all the wrong places and brings out the worst of the face – pores, pits, bumps and wrinkles.

This is not only cruel to acne prone people but to anyone who cares for their appearance. Models and celebrities avoid posing for photos with overhead lighting or when the sun is overhead. Other cases that I’ve noticed is dim lighting that is totally to your left or totally to your right. The best case is diffused lighting that does not rest on any one part of the face. I know, tough call. 🙂


Quality of mirror may be the reason. LIGHT SETTINGS may be the reason too for this most of the time.

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