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last time i visted my derm a month back he prescribed me tretinoin 0.025%,clindymicin gel and desowen cream(this desowen i took my own decision to leave as twas steroid after using for a week)..mild facewash and tetracylcline antibiotic and probiotic..this regimen worked good for this one month i experincd whiteheads(wch is my major problm in this regimen but its improving),few zits here and there..but on the postv side my whole skin texture enhanced..the zits wch i ws having it just went away without leaving scars,previous awful marks faded a lot…

in my second visit today i discusd to my derm abt this whiteheads he prescribd me facewash with salicyclic acid 2%,topically askd me to discontinue desowen and continue with othr two creams and included calamine lotion and orally too he changd my medicine,he prescrbd me doxycline 100mg and multivitamin capsules ZITAB..

i discusd with my doc abt the delay in periods wch is two weeks now.he reverted that he hasnt prescibd anythng wch wil imbalance my hormones and do somethng like this..askd me not to take any kinda medication..soon i wil start getting normal cycles once my body reacts well to this medication..

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hi prerna good to know regarding your progress..wait for few more days and need to panic as such,eventually will happen..
u should benefit from current prescription the way it is saslic facewash?


Hi Prerna, it all sounds pretty good. Salicylic acid should help with whiteheads.


Sometimes tiny white bumps can be a sign that the skin is irritated from using strong acne treatments. Strong acne treatments such as tretinoin can suppress cystic acne (is that what you had?) but can also irritate the skin causing whiteheads. I’m just saying this because if you see more whiteheads after you add salicylic to your routine, then it is likely due to skin irritation. But if you see fewer whiteheads after salicylic, then it just means that it they were because of remaining clogged pores.


You’re doing all the right things and your doc seems to be a good one too. What’s his name and where’s he located? 🙂




Dr Rana Ray kolkata…he’s really great :D..m yes i just usd facewash thrice ie twice yestday and once today i see my whiteheads wch i had is somewat improved…my skin looks smooth not zyada but ya to some extent…and what do u mean by irritation AM?? .. if i use salicylic facewash and dont see the improvement ..i need to disconitnue the medication?? i considered it to be initial purging wch often happens..m i wrong in that perspctv?… ..:)

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