My blood tests results are out!


Hi AM and everybody else. Since I was tired of getting frequent bout of acne every once in a while, even when using all the right products and regimen, i thought i would get tested and here are the results:

The good news:

Female hormones – all normal, within range

Blood sugar – within range

Thyroid – Within range

Vitamin B12 – Within range

Zinc –  76 ug/dl (Though is within range, but on the lower side 70-114)

The bad news:

Vitamin D2+D3 – 8.9 ng/ml (This is supposed to be deficient I guess)

Total Iron – 21 mcg/dl (the range given is 37-170 for females)

The good news:

Now i know my deficiencies and can work on improving them.

The bad news:

I still am not sure if the above news will help me get greater control over my acne situation, but it’s a start.

I have the next derma appt on 28th Nov, when i will be getting the peel and will be sharing the test results with the doc too.

Anybody else in the same boat as me???

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Hiya Anuja, it all looks good then. Except vitamin D3, which you can supplement easily. You must be feeling so relieved. Good for you. 🙂

I’m pretty much in the same boat as you. My main struggle is vitamin D3 deficiency. Plus some weird allergy that I’ll talk about later. 😳


@anuja – Where did you get the blood tested ? Directly from the laboratory… i mean do we need doctor prescription before going to lab.. please advise.


Good for you Anuja, Upping your zinc supplements like Zincovit will help but results would be seen only after about 2 months or so I guess. Even vit D supplements can make the difference.

But frankly I am not fully able to buy the argument on hormones, deficiencies, eating habits being responsible for acne  completely. I am sure keeping all your tests in check will surely help but I got adult acne during the healthiest eating phase of my life. One thing that I would attribute to acne is STRESS. I think it is one of the single most important factor though no one really pays attention to it. It need not be visible stress or anything very huge but a constant worry over some issue or some kind of fear, discomfort over something all indirectly contribute to stress & thereby setting up the trigger. Once the trigger of acne sets in, becomes a vicious cycle & then it’s difficult to control it.

All my hormones, thyroid, vitamin D, iron, cholestrol, Zinc – the works – they are all under normal range for the past couple of months now but I was still getting some eruptions now & then. Tretinoin has helped me greatly I would say & the most important factor – basic Skin care. My skin care routine has boiled down to some very basic 3 things now with no exceptions – Face Wash, sunscreen, compact ( foundation occasionally) . night time – facewash , moisturizer, tretinoin. This simple regimen with the simplest of products have given me results. I really don’t care about my marks any more as I see them fading surely &  I don’t use any concealer either. BTW which doc are you referring to in B’lore? and which peels are you doing. My derma suggested peels but I refused.

In your case Deriva CMS would help you a lot. Keep at it & don’t give up.

@Ashu – In India, you may really not need a prescription. You could walk into any diagnostic centre & get the tests done. They would ask for a doctor reference & you could give them the name of some doctor your family is aware of.  Make sure you go to the right labs though for accurate testing – Religare is a good one in Mumbai.


@ashu – I am seeing Dr. Rashmi at RxDx – Whitefield – she consults at other hospitals too.

@LD – Yes, i am sceptical too, whether supplements will make much of a difference, but i have to try them, now that i know that I have those deficiencies. And, i eat healthy food and have been eating well for past one year – all the vegetable/fruits/less oil/less sweets etc. I had even consulted a dietician. So, i have to treat the defs and hope that it will make some difference to my overall health.

I don’t have any reason to be stressed – so i don’t think that’s an issue in my case.

Last year, i had got peeling done 4-5 times and it really helped, my skin became very smooth and it remained good for some time. So, i am thinking of getting some procedure done once a month – just like normal skinned people get facials.

I am totally against taking antibiotics, so i am not going back to that. My skin care routine seems fine. There are no other choices left.


@lalitha and @Anuja – you answered my question. I will find some good lab at my place. Thank you so much 🙂


So, i met my doc again yesterday got a 50% concentration peel done and she prescribed me: Lupi D3 – Cholecalciferol (60,000 iu) for Vitamin D deficiency – this has to be taken once a week. Apart from this i am also taking Sodox (Anti-oxident capsules) – they are bloody expensive – so i am gonna stop those once i finish with my current stock.

Will visit her next about about 15 days for the next peel of higher concentration.


Hey Anuja could u plz tell me d name of test u hv undergone… I mean wat shud i tell to lab ppl lipid, CBC wat?? I knw for thyroid its TSH 😉

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