My Current regimen is not working. Please suggest me effective regimen


Hi AM, I am 38 years old lady.At present I  am using melblok day and night cream on my face. I wash my face with Pears glycerin soap. I have also undergone salicyic acid peel upto 80% strength under dermatologist guidance  6 months back. My problem is that i got 4-5 acne every month and they leave dark marks on my face. i want to get rid of these marks and acne. please help me.



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Hi Sweety, salicylic acid 80% peel is a very strong peel. Unless there is a serious reason, such a strength shouldn’t be needed. Also, the effects of a peel are not permanent, so it is not a cure for acne. If you were treated for hyper pigmentation with the peel, even then, probably it was not needed, but anyway your dermat must have made the best decision.


As for the current acne problem, I suspect your acne is getting aggravated due to the use of comedogenic ingredients. Now what is comedogenic? Comedogenic means that a product contains ingredients that block skin’s pores and cause pimples. So it doesn’t matter how ‘gentle’ a product is or how well it is designed for sensitive skin – if it contains comedogenic ingredients, you will in all likelihood get more pimples.


This is the reason that keeps people spinning their wheels for years even though they are using the gentlest products. This is the reason Pears Glycerine soap isn’t the best choice. There are no ingredients of Melblok cream listed on the website, so it is hard to say if it is comedogenic. It might be, in all likelihood. If you type in or upload picture of Melblok ingredients from the packaging using the media tab in your profile, I could tell you more.


Since you are new here, and since I can’t possibly type all of the information you will need to understand about getting your acne under control, please go over this orientation post slowly, carefully, following every link mentioned in there and then take it from there. You can always post new questions after that.


Thanks AM for replying. there are no ingredients mentioned on the packaging. i delhi based doctor gave me these creams. i am using both the creams from last 7 months and i was satisfied with the product till last month. but now i am getting acne on my face again from last 2 months. i have paid Rs. 5000 for one month product and still i have 1.5 month product left with me. what to do now. i am very mcuh worried for my skin.

I have read many posts on this site.  shall i start using some facewash ?early i have used tretin o.o5% for around 1 and half year but with some peeling or anti pigment lotions. . Can i start using  tretin again at night. For my acne marks can i use kojivit at day time. I am very much confused. Pls help me


Hi Sweety, it’s good that you are going over the posts here. It is a lot of information, so take it slow, you’ll figure it all out. Starting with the post I mentioned in my previous reply will be immediately helpful. In the meantime, you could use AHAGlow Face Wash twice  a day. For 2 weeks, stop using these creams, both day and night version. Only use AHAglow twice a day. If you see excessive dryness, let me know.


I don’t know what else to say about Melblok products with zero information available about exactly what is in there that costs Rs. 5000 a pair. Just that if you really want to get down to the bottom of this acne problem and put the hyperpigmentation or skin lightening goal on the back burner for a while, give AHAglow-only regimen a try.


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