My Derma visit with Dr. Sujaya Hegde in Bangalore


Hello AM, Tejupriya and all others.  Well finally I went to a dermatologist today. Her name is Dr. Sujaya Hegde and she is very renowned in Bangalore ( So here is my case and some details about her:

Her office is in Indiaranagar stage 2 near the metro station. The building is a newly built one (rather in construction phase). I had already taken appointment through practo ( and thus reached there on time. My appointment was for 12 mid day. I was called into her cabin at around 12:20.


I am a male of 25 yrs. I told her my case that I have been getting acne from the past 13 years. I told her that it had subsided to some extent but in the past 6-7 months or so it has again come back with a greater force. She told me that it would have been better if I would have consulted during my teens (18-19) because that’s when it normally goes away. She said and I quote that I had “missed the bus” then. She told me that I have grade 2 form of acne and that the severity could increase further.She asked me whether I had undergone any treatment of any kind. I said no and that this was my first visit to a derma.  She told me that I did not have any comodones which is a good thing.  She said that my forehead is the worst affected (so true).


The bombshell: SOTRET 20mg. She prescribed me sotret 20mg for initially two months. I had to take it once a day ,in the night, after food.  She said that the course is for 6 months but she wants to check after two months. She also asked me to do a couple of tests (LIPID Profile and LFT). She asked me to do so this sunday and then again after two months before my next appointment with her, where she said she might do a blood test based upon my results of the LIPID and LFT test. I asked her about the associated side effects of sotret. She told me that the side effects are there but now that the dosage has been reduced the case is not the same. She also told me that side effects are there is Parasitamol as well and to reduce the risk of side effects only she had suggested the tests.  She also said that it’s FDA approved. I asked her about any creams like benzac or Retino-A, She told me that she could prescribe but they will bring temporary relief and then after 6-8 weeks I will go back to her again. I told her about me using sebamed and kaya soothing gel. She said I could continue using them. She asked me about my food habits and I told her in one shot: BAD. 🙁  She told me that I will experience dryness with sotret especially of lips. Thus along with sotret she told me a Ansolar sunscreen gel and Neutrogena Lip Moist.  When I said that I had suncote gel, she said I could continue using the same then. When asked about Lip moist she told me I had to carry it with me at all times because Sotret will make my lips extremely dry. When I asked about vaseline she said Neutrogena Lip moist has an spf 18 thus it will be better. She told me I could always contact her through her office number whenever I want. She said quite cheekily “That’s what landlines are for”.


The discussion lasted for around 15-20 minutes. After coming out I was  made to pay the consulting fee (Rs 600 and bought the medicines from the same place itself.

Remarks and concerns:

I felt that she was quite nice and took the time to explain everything. People come to her from Managlore and nearby cities as well for consultation. My only concern is with Sotret because, here I have read too many side effects for those tablets. Should I consult another dermatologist for his/her views ?And the other concern for me is my food behavior. Should I avoid some things like dairy, nonveg, sugar etc. I just could not ask her these questions because it slipped out of my mind ? Also any help regarding this medication from anyone is more than welcome.

PS: I have detailed out every aspect of my derma visit in here. Hope that it helps.

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Great Sumit, all the very best & hope this brings relief to your problems. I had been to her too & found her to be quite nice & willing to listen.


Hi Sumit, I’ve been meaning to write a long reply, but first see this comment by anon1 on this post:


AM even I think this prescription is too harsh for him..He doesnt require this..I mean the regimens have done bigger miracles than these..
It was soo sad reading Anon’s Story,terrible really..Poor thing I hope she gets better soon..


@AM and tejuprita. Exactlyyyyy. I was also shocked when she mentioned the same. Actually I thought she could prescribe me a dietary supplement to reduce my oil production. Don’t know why the hell she mentioned sotret. Actually thinking of taking a second opinion, so let’s see.


Hi Sumit, since you will be going for your lipid profile test, get a vitamin D3 test done if you can. It is mighty expensive (~ Rs. 2000) but vitamin D3 deficiency is a major factor in acne. For me personally, simply addressing vitamin D3 deficiency made 95% 80% difference, of course, apart from skin care. But it could be different for everyone. Supplementing with vitamin D3 also reduces the oiliness in the skin.


I do think you can give supplements a serious shot (vitamin D3 and zinc would be my choices, vitamin B5 if you are adventurous). Of course, none of us here can tell you to go against a doctor’s prescription (I don’t know if it is even legal to dissuade someone from taking prescription medication), so it will have to be your choice.

This is what you might try if you like for a month and then see if you still need the isotretinoin.

1. cut out milk (you know it is a trigger for you) 30 day milk challenge post talks more about it.

2. Kaya Gel + Sebamed Foam

3. Consider a vitamin D3 test and supplementation

4. Consider zinc supplementation

5. Consider suphur supplementation through Baidyanath Raktashodhak (if you haven’t already)

Information about supplement brands.


This sounds a better option Sumit..But again its your call..

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