My Experiment with Glyco-A & Retino-A


Disclaimer: I Do not claim that this regimen would work. Do not try this at home unless your skin is super strong like mine 🙂

@acnemantra & Team,

As you are aware, i have been using retino-A for over a month and due to my impatience was not able to see any changes. Then i brought in amla capsules and now started using glyco-A

I use amla capsules every day after lunch and dinner. Two capsules a day. I use glyco-A and Retino-A on alternative nights. I am applying zoray aquagel liberally during the morning when i get out.

I will keep you all posted about the status. One thing that i noticed from retino-A is that my cheeks have become so soft(The scars are there). Still this is one positive thing.

Glyco-A has Joined the regimen for over a week. Hoping that it would work.

I am also looking for a dermat to fix my face 🙂

My search is still going on. So thought i can give these two ‘A’-wesome products a try. My last resort before walking into a dermat’s clinic.

Anybody has any suggestions. Please do share. If i find any progress, i will surely share my pics. You could also see my current state from my profile.

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Hi Boss, you’re on the right track. Tretinion and Glycolic Acid in rotation is a strong but effective regimen. Add in Kojivit Gel on top and you’re golden. It would be awesome if there was a way to get in vitamin C in some way into this routine, but all these products are already very strong. Lemon juice experiment could really hasten the results, but given the nature of the current products, the results could go either way (chemical burns versus fast brightening)


My interview with a dermatologist about acne scars should be coming up pretty soon.



u are awesome.. waiting for it. 3000 points to u .. congrats for that too. i am gonna add 1 to that. I will keep you all posted.

Possibly ur dermat post would help me even more 🙂



Hi boss, can you please mention that whether you are using these creams on entire face or only on problem areas ? Please also mention the strength of both the creams. Plus which face wash are you using?

@ AM Can i follow this regimen also as i have a super oily and acne prone skin. Can I wash face with sebamed cleansing foam morning and evening and whenever required in day also. Applying kojivit gel on entire face in the morning and than apply sunscreen if going outdoors. applying tretinoin 0.05% and glyco 6 on alternate nights.



Apply only on affected areas. I am using retino-A 0.05 and glyco-A(12% glycolic acid). As informed above. You please don’t take a risk by following this if your skin is sensitive. I am using sebamed cleansing foam. That is a safe option.

Try searching this site.. read about regimens before you choose strong products. use a sunscreen whatsoever.

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