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Hi AM and other members 🙂
I’m Taiba from Indore, India. I am a medical student. I recently saw a dermatologist for my acne and he prescribed me Isotretinoin. (diagnosis- acne vulgaris). I’ve had acne for 10 years now(through my teenage and early tweens) and what prompted me to see a dermatologist is that it is now starting to leave scars. Overall at present the lesion aren’t too many tho.
So, after doing my own research I started taking it. I am now nearing the end of the first week of my course.
Just wanted your take on my skin care regimen.
1)Isotretinoin – 20mg tab Isotroin (Cipla). (To be stepped up to 40mg if i can tolerate the dryness.)
2) Topical Retino-A 0.025% cream at night (full face).
3) Azithromycin 500 mg Pulse Therspy ( 3 days a week)
4) Topical Clindoxyl Gel only on active lesions
5)Ictyane HD emollient cream – Moisturizer full face. (But I havnt experienced much dryness this week so I used Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Combination Skin, also because i found using Ictyne makes my face way too shiny and oily. Not suitable for wearing to work)
6) Rejuglow Facewash (Although I used Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion this week because i cudnt find this one at the drugstore…but I feel it is not doing enough cleansing :/ )
7) Sunscreen – Zoray Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30.

Those two are the only changes i made. Plz tell me if they are valid.
Also, could you help me by suggesting a good cleanser/facewash( just in case i dont find rejuglow anywhere).
I would appreciate any opinions. If you know abt Isotretinoin /Acne Vulgaris or have any experience with Isotretinoin, plz do respond.
Looking forward.

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Hey AM and Taiba,

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Taiba we are almost InSync with our medication. Im on Cipla Isotroin but 30mg too. Its day 11 for me. AM is correct, you will probably dont need any other Antibiotics with Isotretinoin but please follow your Dermats prescription.
I am using Kaya Skin Clinic Soothing Cleansing and Ansolar and Suncote sunscreen. Also Neutrogena Oil-free Moisturizer also heaps of Lip balm.

My skin and lips are now super dry. Also Eyes dry out at times. Are any of your side effects kicked in yet? Feel free to msg me anytime and ill get back to you asap so we can share our experiences and get through it together.

Take care and king regards




Hi Taiba
Acne vulgaris is a v.common skin condition occuring to people of all agegroups today..There are many reasons and causes..For some ,its just due to improper selection of skin products which clog pores whereas for some of us its hormonal and i believe thats the toughest one to beat as it keeps coming back now and then. But you can keep it under control by good skin care.
when yõu dont have many active lesionš,do u have to apply retinoic acid while taking isotretinoin orally as well?Derms know better,anyways.but u re-check with him..As far as cleanšer is concerned,u wil have to go for a mild ,neutral one like kaya which doesnt irritate your skin as u r on strong medications.isotsetinoin is supposed to make skin superdry[would be a welcome change if u have v.oily skin like me] colleague took isotretinoin 20mg for two months and her skin waš dry,fresh and acne free for 6monthš.šhe had to maintain a daily regime after tat consisting of retinoic acid applicatiõn,as her acne started to get back slowly.But for some,according to the net,isotretinoin achieves total eradication[lets hope you are one among that]Best of luck.keep us updated.


I was prescribed isotroin by dermatologist too. Along with isotroin I was on topical antibiotic creams. Taking  Isotroin for a few days causes a slow build up of the drug in the body which persists for a few days after you stop taking the drug. Depending on your severity, your doctor may prescribe a duration of treatment. For instance I took isotroin for 2 months and it did a world of difference to my skin. I used have atleast 6-7 pretty severe break outs every week. This reduced to 1-2 not so severe break outs in a week. The severity is important because the not so severe break outs did not cause pitted scars. With the right set of non-comedogenic skincare, I was then able to reduce this number to 1-2 breakouts in a month. If isotroin suits you then a one course of treatment will be like a magic bullet. Just one course of treatment was enough for me. My doctor never put me back on isotroin after that.

Your choice of face wash depends on how dry your skin gets with the treatment. If your skin gets dry and irritated then you need a mild face wash. If not you can go for a stronger face wash with aha/bha.  The reviews section will help you find a good non comedogenic cleanser.

Good luck with the treatment.


Hi Taiba, it’s nice to see you starting your isotretinoin log. There’s also Kevin here, who’s keeping one. Your prescription sounds fine, if a little bit aggressive on the skincare front. With isotretinoin, you will probably not need to use Retino-A and anti-biotics but if your doc thought it right, then better to go with the flow. It helps that you are not seeing too much dryness (yet). Keep Cetaphil handy for those days when dryness is excessive or skin feels too sensitive from Retino-A + isotretinoin.

For everyday use, you can add Kaya Skin Clinic Soothing Cleansing Gel. It is a huge bottle that will last at least 5-6 months. It is a neutral cleanser that cleans well without drying out the skin or leaving a film etc. You want to use Zoray Aqugel Sunscreen, not the lotion since the lotion is comedogenic. Ictyane HD is comedogenic too, so you made a good choice in Neutrogena Oil-free Combination. Going through this post will help you steer clear of unsuitable products.

Good luck on your isotretinoin journey. Oh and if you want to read loads and loads about isotretinoin and people’s experiences with it, just type the term in the search box on the right.



Thank You Everyone! I appreciate your response so much 🙂

@kriya – i was skeptical abt it too so i double checked it with a dermatologist frnd of mine. she said i have cystic acne and pretty much every other oily skin problem(blackheads whiteheads milia). so the approach my derm might be using is to ‘bombard the skin and then taper.’ (i suppose) she suggested. going with it for now but i dont feel like stepping up the isotret..atleast in these winter days.
I hope this is going somewhere *weak smile*


Thank you for sharing your experience @malavika. What cleanser and moisturiser did you use ?


Thanks @AM and @Kev…. I’ll look into Kaya Cleansing Gel..and get it right away. Before the dryness gets worse. 🙂

@Kev Good to know you are kinda in the same boat as me. Adding you 🙂


Also, I havnt been able to get a hang of the tags on this site. So plz excuse me for my lousy tagging :/

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