My Regimen for aggressive acne and hyper-pigmented scars


Hi friends @acnemantra, my previous thread please help me-aggressive acne and acne scar problem got lengthy, so i decided to start a new one.

just a recap-i was getting red big painful acne not heeling for weeks and left brown derma prescribed me

 lymecycline for 15 days and topicals

morning-vulros soap(bp-2%) and A-CN cream(clindamycin 1%, nicotinamide-4%)

evening and night-saslic DS face wash(salicylic-2%) and night cream-clindoxyl(clindamycin-1%,anhydrous bp-5%). i followed this regimen from 5.4.2014 and my skin is almost 80% for the second month starting from 6.5.2014 my doc has prescribed me the same except for the morning cream, he has prescribed me D’ACNE plus gel-clindamycin 1%, allantoin .5%, and nicotinamide 4%.he said it ll help me with the scars and additionaly i ve got nidcycline-minocycline hydrochloride pills 50mg for 15 days. (yippy! no retinoids still)

i asked him for a sunscreen guys.he has given Sunban age shield photo protection SPF31. 60gm costs 395INR.key ingredients are octyl methoxycinnamate 7.5%, avobenzone 2%, oxybenzone 3%, microfined zinc oxide 8%.for full ingredients you can refer to my profile.i tried it on my feels oily but not too much oily like is like okay, can live with it.looking at 8% zinc the words went into my mind was “white cast, white cast”.but it is not terrible “can live with it ” too.

@catonthewall i got a cream called solecare for my foot has little chemical and many natural ingredients and for the leg darkening he said skin whitening cream may not do much good, and what i need is something that will improve skin elasticity and pigmentation so he gave an anti-aging cream called Hytec.this one is costly cat.580 for 15gms.for ingredients list please check my profile.

cheers! have a good day 🙂

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Hey Bargavi happy that your skin is clearing up 🙂

Hytec was given for feet ah? How is it so far? BTW the ingredients seem good!


Hytec is actually an anti-aging cream marketed by Biomedica life science at chrompet chennai  @catonthewall  .my derma looked at my legs dull and discolored and said skin whitening cream may not be enough and i shall use this on my legs to improve it.

but looking at the product and reading the leaflet i started using it under the eyes 🙂 and haven’t tried on the legs yet sandy.i started only today i ll tell you how it goes.i ve tried sunban on my face today tonly.i haven’t noticed anything bad yet.can definitely say best sunscreen i ve used so far 🙂


Hi friends, just now noticed doc has given me a pill Adgain capsules-nutritional supplement.the major content is “BREWERS YEAST” this is something i ve never heard of in any book or paper or website.can anyone please explain me how it can benefit acne or hair growth? thanks in advance.


Hiya Bargavi, we’d done a post on brewer’s yeast for acne and how to use it etc.


Thanks @acnemantra it has really given me the way i got a bad history with BP like other members too.but the product i am using now Clindoxyl gel has 5% BP and it hasn’t caused dark spots or made dark spots darker in a month of it’s use’s an improved formula my derma said.gets absorbed into the skin like in 5 seconds.

also i want to say Nicotinamide has helped me greatly in repairing damaged skin.i found some new products that are really you think it might help the members by adding nicotinamide based products in the reviews section AM? just a suggestion.cos using it in a month i found it works in a decent speed like @catonthewall said, but i haven’t experienced anything like dryness,irritation, redness or scaly skin.


True AM, it doesn’t leave marks mostly. Bargavi please add your nico products here .

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