My skin issues


Firstly u launched a fab application for skin ingredients I checked my stash n thts an awesome feeling
Coming to my problem the thing is I have APST 2 skin n when I came across ur site I started using AHA glow and glyco 6
My routine mornings TBS tea tree face wash
Lotus herbals aloe hydra I dont go in sun often so no sunscreen then AHAglow and at night glyco 6
Following this my skin looks fresh but the tiny zits appear now n then so iam confused
As iam following yhis since 2 months so shall I change something or follow this
And yes I take ecod capsules n lots of greentea and I even apply the greentea to myface
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Hi uzma ..sunscreen is required whether u go out in the sun or not..u can get tanned by sitting near a window too..sunscreen is very important specially when u are under acne treatment because the skin becomes its preserves the treatment results..

So do add a oil free sunscreen like suncote,lotus etc..
I think the tbs cleanser is the culprit,.it has castor oil which is higly comedogenic ingredient and glycerin which is comedogenic too..why dont u discontinue for few days and figure out?

U can use aha glow twice a day instead of that..
Green tea no issues it is good for acne prone skin..


Thanx tejupriya for the prompt reply…
Ok will follow ur suggestion by removing tbscleanser …


U are most welcome uzma..take care :))

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