What to do about acne marks, dark and dry skin?




finally pimples are not coming on my face. currently  ma skincare routine as told by u is cetaphil cleansing lotion at morning n nite. after wash in cetaphil faceclin A at nite & melacareplus at morning. now problem is acnemarks, darkskin nd dry. so what should i use to get rid of acnemarks, fair n glow my skin. plzz tell me.

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Hii.. again  Everyone.plzz rply me.. i m w8ing ..



@sudesna – Buddy did you spend time reading posts on this site ? There are tons of discussion on this issues already.



hello rajeev .. can u plzz suggest me for fairness n glow cream … now i follow ur regimen that  i mentioned.. so i want 2 know ur advice what should i use for fairness. n glow.  now i v alredy used melacare plus n faceclin A  on the spot. ma skin looks a liitle dark not glowing also. so plzz suggest .. i mw8ng..



thnxx ashu.. facemed is gud for skin lightening.. can u suggest me best fairness product..


Hi Sudeshna,

Kaya night nourishing with antioxidants is good fairness.

Also ther are 9 pages of discussion on fairness 🙂

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