Need advice , my skin not flawless and few pimples


hi , Need advice , my skin not flawless and few pimples after every couple of days and left behind marks.

My regime is morning sebamed foam face wash , Lotus 3-1 sunscreen , evening Kaya cleansing gel and Lotus 3-1 , night Glyco A

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Hi Rohit, your regimen sounds fine. I have 3 tips that should help you further –

1. Replace Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 Sunblock with Suncote Gel sunscreen. Lotus 3-in-1 sunblock is comedogenic, as was discovered recently. This should help reduce new pimples.

2. Replace Glyco A with a gel based glycolic acid product called Olliza gel. You may have to order it online from if you can’t find it in medical stores.

3. After applying glycolic acid all over the face (Glyco A or Olliza gel), dab Kojivit Gel only on the dark spots at night. First check if your skin can tolerate this layering.

Good luck and keep us posted! 🙂


thanks , will try that.

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